…More Than Sweet Potatoes

But How Did We Get Here? (Part 4)

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) July 16th, 2014 – I found a stray cat and helped her find a forever home.  Tito Merlot Licksalot was sitting between my neighbors … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: The Finale and After The Final Rose

Previously on The Bachelor… We had rang in the new year together at Mindy’s party, got sufficiently drunk, took an uber to my house and got into an altercation.  He … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Squirming Through New Year’s Eve

Last week on The Bachelor… we went bowling, exchanged gifts and took in a comedy show for my neighbors birthday.  Everything had been going well until he began to restart … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Gift Exchanges and Comedy Shows

Last week on The Bachelor… We finally had some real “success” in the bedroom, we “cuddled” and went bowling with a decently large group of people I am friends with. … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Date Night #? and Family Bowling Night

Last week on The Bachelor… after a little mind-altering substance use and some piano time, we had retreated to the bedroom which failed to yield any results due to my … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Fantasy Suite Fail and Friends

Last week, on The Bachelor… after my Thanksgiving trip I had decided to put more of my focus into this budding relationship.  We spent more time together and finally spent … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Thanksgiving Texts and The Reunion

Previously on The Bachelor… I had the distinct pleasure of having a guitar AND a piano played for me while I sipped on vodka (on the rocks, with a lime). … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: The smack and The Happy Hour Date

Previously on The Bachelor… we had gone to an open mic night, he had volunteered his Saturday night to care for me while I was feeling sick, and requested to … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Open Mic and The Caregiver

Previously on The Bachelor… The Bachelor had taken me to sushi and the beach for our first date.  We drank wine and played/sang music on the deserted beach under the … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Beach One-on-One Date

Previously on The Bachelor, I had met a gentleman at a bar.  After much patience, he gave me his number and we texted.  We had planned a date for the … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: A Singing Meeting

If you’ll recall from a few posts back, I had stated I was dating a guy and was happy about it.  I casually mentioned that I’d be happy to blog … Continue reading

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I’m Not Even Watching It This Season (Why Do I Feel Like I Am!?)

So The Bachelor is back (squeeeee?) I only know this because people won’t shut up about it.  Fun fact: Castle is back, NCIS is back and Law and Order: SVU … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts: A Bullet List of Excitement

I’m the type of “blogger” who randomly expounds upon topics that pop into my head at any given moment.  I’ve put “blogger” in quotes much like I used to put … Continue reading

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The End of a Chapter – The Bachelor Blog Ends…as Does One Girls’ Hopes and Dreams

Before anything else happens, we just ordered Chinese food… ONLINE.  Best idea ever!  Now lets start the shitshow.  I’d like to first thank you and apologize to any The Bachelor fans … Continue reading

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Wide-Eyed and Bitchy, and Then There Were Two: Bachelor Live-Blog

Happy Week-Beginning.  First I’d like to thank the 70ish people who read this blog weekly to see what kind of crap I decide to bitch about related to the worst … Continue reading

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Yorkies, Basic Training and Bellbottoms, OH MY! – Bachelor Live-Blog

Gizmo passed out after drinking every timesomeone cries, says they’re crazyabout “___” or has a connection** Welcome to this week’s installment of frying brain cells via ABCs horrific programming.  Leah and … Continue reading

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Bachelor Blog – The end of the Reign of Tierra[r]

**Editor’s note: I didn’t edit this shit at all… enjoy** Tonight we’re drinking Moscato.  Leah, Gizmo, Bella and myself…kind of.  Bella and Gizmo are not drinking. Because we’re stupid moronic … Continue reading

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Whorenation part 2: The Debbie Episode

So let’s get drunk.  You know the rules.  You know when to drink.  Play along.We added a new rule: Care of Tracy Treetop: Every time someone says wife or husband, … Continue reading

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Week 4 of Whorelicious Wenches – Part 1: The Leah Episode

Good Evening fellow brain cell haters.  I assume we all hate our brain cells to either choose to watch this steaming pile of cow dung (to quote Liar, Liar) OR … Continue reading

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