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A Year in Review: I Left The Life I Knew

September 7th, 2015: I got in my car and drove away from my life in South Florida for a new adventure.  While it is technically a year ago tomorrow it was the Tuesday after Labor Day, which is today… so six of one, half dozen of the other…


After six years of building a life for myself – a financially stable life of a good job, my own place to live, a scheduled life I was happy living, friends with whom I was happy to surround myself, and a boyfriend I thought was quite a good one – I left.  I left the life I knew.  I left for an unknown life.

This unknown life led me to Chicago (through various cities across the eastern and midwestern portion of the country) to finish my degree.  It led me to show my dog what snow was for the first time, to throw up in my car for the first time, to have weekly dinners with my sister and her family for the first time.

Then, this unknown life led me to Arizona (through various cities across the midwest and the western portion of the country) to live with my parents.  It led me to find a job in residential treatment.  It led me to a new group of kickballers, a handful of new people I could one day call friends, to a football game watch at a bar, and to a boyfriend who I think is figuratively amazing.

In the past year, I’ve learned some stuff.  And as the self-acclaimed expert at moving across the country, I figured you’d be chomping at the bit to hear what I learned, so here you go!

  1. The humidity in Florida sucks.  The bone-chilling cold in Chicago in the winter sucks.  The heat in Phoenix in the summer sucks.  And that is ranked from most sucky to least sucky.
  2. Oklahoma is the flattest, most boring state to drive through EVER.  I saw ACTUAL tumbleweeds.
  3. Losing a pet is horrible.  And it doesn’t get better.  Not even 10 years later.
  4. Being outside to hike and climb far outweighs the fun of being outside to drink on a beach (This doesn’t apply to vacations.  In vacation settings these two are equally fun.)
  5. Living at home in your 30s CAN be awesome, if you really like hanging out with your parents
  6. There are incredible mountains and forests and lakes in Arizona.  It’s not just a big desert!
  7. Camping in the woods is FUN.  Even if you have to shit-in-the-woods camp, it’s still awesomely fun with the right people.
  8. If you have a gut feeling about moving somewhere for any reason, what so ever, you should do it.

Honestly, number eight is the big important one.  In March of last year I came to visit my parents for Passover with Gizmo in tow.  After 4 days of family, we headed back to the airport where I promptly cried.  I haven’t cried at an airport in a while.

Me: I don’t want to go
Mom: So don’t go
Me: I have to go
Mom: Yes, but you don’t have to stay gone
Me: I really don’t want to go [sobbing]

Within a week I had a plan to move.  It wasn’t solidified and it wasn’t dated or planned out, but I was clearly going to move to be with my family.  There were a lot of concerns: what if I don’t make friends?  What will I do for work?  Will my life be solely spending time with my parents and be very one-sided?  Will The Owl and I break up?  Will I regret moving?

A year after leaving Florida I can tell you this: I regret nothing.  I made friends.  I got a job.  I spend my time between friends and family.  The Owl and I did break up, and it was hard…but it also gave me the chance to move on to someone who makes every day better.

Moving was a hard decision.

Both times.

But it was always the right call.

I just didn’t realize at the time HOW right it was.



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