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Keeping Myself Busy After The Owl

Oh dear.  It has been two whole weeks since I’ve written anything for you with which you can distract yourself from work/life/etc.  As I wrote that sentence though, I realized I’ve gone much longer spans of time and either you guys didn’t notice, or you didn’t care.  Either one is fine, but it reminds me of the days when I used to blog regularly on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  I will eventually come up with a schedule again,  but in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for a surprise post once in a while.

Anyway, after The Owl broke up with me, I did what any girl does: I chose not to wallow for more than two days and then go out on dates.

Is what what any normal girl does?  I guess I’m not a good judge of these things.

The day of the break up was within 24 hours of my first time donating blood.  It was also the day that I went for a 5 mile group run in Chicago with a high school friend and her running club.  It was also the day I went to watch the Purdue @ Northwestern football game with Laura, who I hadn’t seen since college.  Then the break up happened.

After that, I went home and cried in the shower (is there a better/more all-encompassing way to cry until you dry heave?)  I texted about 6 people to let them know, 4 of which called me, two texted me regularly over the next few hours.  One – Jason – invited me to dinner with him, his wife, and their friends.  I hesitated, but he’s basically my brother and I love the guy.  AND his wife.  So I got cleaned up, dressed up, and went out with them.  I went out after dinner and drank a decent amount.  Then I got an uber back to my friends place where she fed me more alcohol, put on The Emperors New Groove, and I cried us both to sleep.

The next day, after I completed a 40 flight charity stair climb (hungover and with a pint less blood than usual,)  I re-downloaded Tinder.  I set it up with one picture and no blurb.  I decided to sit in bed and swipe.  Now you may have read before about how I like to “play” Tinder, but I decided to be picky.  No longer would I be swiping right to everyone.  I was reading blurbs.  I was looking at pictures.  I was being as choosy as a person can be when basing decisions on 1-5 pictures and about 30 seconds of consideration.  I wound up with about 7 matches.  All of them messaged me.

I decided to be straight up with all of them.  “Just FYI, I am super recently out of a relationship.  I’m not looking to date anyone, but I’m 100% NOT looking to hook up.  Honestly, I’m just trying to keep myself busy for a few weeks.”  Most of them responded positively to this.

Two of them asked me out.  So I went.  Guy #1 was a friend of a friend and that is literally the only reason I said yes.  Well that, and wanting to be less bored.  Guy #2 looked like a guy I used to know and seemed oddly familiar, so even though we had no friends in common, I decided to go on the date.  Two dates in two days…  I was ready.  Nervous, but ready.

Guy #1 suggested that we go bowling.  And he suggested this super cool place where they have drink service at the lanes and it’s swanky and fun.  I had never been there and had a lot of trouble getting there.  I had to call him twice to get directions and have him help me figure it out.  Finally, when I did and I parked, I realized I only have a minimal idea of what he looked like and that made me almost get back in the car and go home.  I wasn’t ready for this.

He was super sweet.  He offered to meet me at the elevator lobby.  So I sucked it up, but on my big girl pants, and got in the elevator and pushed the lobby button.

And next time, I will write about what happened next…


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