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When a Panda Cinco’s With an Owl


So we were off to meet my friends at Mindy’s annual Cinco party.  I was filled with anxiety over this because that last time I brought someone to meet my friends…well, he was awkward, and weird, had no idea how to play bags…and had nothing to talk about with any of my friends or the guys.

The Owl walked in and just started shaking hands and introducing himself.  I introduced him to a few of the girls, and we started drinking and celebrating Dos de Mayo!  It wasn’t awkward or anything, actually.  As the night went on, and it got later, the UFC fight was about to start and Mindy had bought it so the boys could all watch.

We decided to go downstairs to where the fight would be shown to get a “good spot.”  We sat down next to Priscilla and watched some people basically hug a lot.  I mean, yes there was fighting and boxing and whatever, but I made a side bet on how many times the two dudes would hug.  I was off by one.  I lost.

In between turns or rounds or matches or whatever they are called, The Owl made himself exceptionally personable making conversation with my friends and acquaintances.  When he was in need of another beer, he offered to get them for other people as well.  He was polite.  And funny.  And sweet.  Ugh…exactly everything The Bachelor was not.

Before either of us got too drunk, we decided to leave on a high note and uber back to his place.  When we got there, I think I asked if I could (though it was probably unspoken that I was going to) spend the night.  Still in my cute lacy shorts and black t-shirt, I curled up on one side of the bed and promptly felt him sidle up behind me.  And we cuddled.  And if you’ve read this blog before, you know I do NOT cuddle.  For me to cuddle with someone, I have to actually really like them.  And I don’t usually like to be held tightly…but for some reason, even though it was date number two, it was exactly right.  I fell asleep quickly and comfortably in his arms and woke up with him on the other side of the bed – thankfully.  Because as much as I liked the cuddling situation, I like to wake up in my own space.  When he felt me wake up, he rolled back over and cuddled some more before I had to leave to take Gizmo to do his job at the nursing home.


Before leaving, he asked me if I wanted to go on a date for ACTUAL Cinco de Mayo to that brewery he told me about at the end of date number one.  Did I ever!

I was smitten.  Already drunk with happiness over a guy who I had gone on two dates with.  Who was this girl who wasn’t worrying about the next time he’d call or text?  Who was this girl going on dates and cuddling?

Two days later, would the happy glow wear off?  Would two dates in such close proximity to each other ruin the pattern of date – long span of time – date?  Did he even like me as much as I liked him?  All that and more in a future post.


One comment on “When a Panda Cinco’s With an Owl

  1. Andy
    March 17, 2016

    And another question… Who doesn’t know how to play Bags?!


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