…More Than Sweet Potatoes

When a Panda Goes to Have Drinks With an Owl

Where we left off in our story, The Owl and I had been having a rough go of making plans to hang out with each other.  Through my insane travels of 2015 and his work schedule (which often took him out of town) we finally nailed down a date.  On a Monday while I was dog-sitting for my friend Jess, we found time to go to a local place chock-full of bottles and taps of craft beers and wine and a cute little food list.  I put it into my GPS and promptly got lost which meant we had our first phone call… where he calmly told me where to go and ignored my stupidity.

river 10.large

Here.  We went here.

When I got there we awkwardly hugged and went inside.  We grabbed a drink and sat down.  He chose a leather over-sized arm chair and I curled up on the adjacent sinking couch.  It was comfortable.  And though the conversation started out a little formal, that quickly became comfortable, too.  He was so easy to talk to.  I don’t even remember what we talked about.  I didn’t the day after either.  All I know is that three hours later, he was still somehow engaged in my oversharing.

I am pretty sure by hour two he knew that I was considering moving to Arizona, that my parents were the most important thing in my world, everything there was to know about my job, my fears of loneliness and the name of my therapist’s dog.  I word vomited.  A lot.  I let him get a few words in edgewise… I promise I didn’t dominate the whole date…it was three hours long, after all.


Around 10pm, we realized how late it had gotten and decided to call it.  He walked me to my car, suggested that next time (NEXT TIME YOU GUYS – There was going to be a next time!!!) he’d take me to this brewery I had never been to, and then went in for the hug which awkwardly turned into a peck…which turned into a kiss.  I got in the car and drove away with a smile.  I had just had a proper date with a nice boy who wanted to see me again.

In true gentlemanly fashion, he texted me by the time I got home letting me know he had a nice time and was looking forward to seeing me again… and we started trying to figure out when that would be.  But I was going to Arizona.  He was going to Mexico City for work.  Then I was going to Chicago for a weekend.  Then he was going to Canada for work.  Then I was going to… the list went on an on through the rest of March and all of April.

We finally found a day that would probably work… Friday May 1st!  We had plans to go to this brewery and I was muy excited…

…until our plans fell through.  So we rescheduled…with a slight caveat.

I invited him to join me the next day at my friends Cinco (er….dos?) de Mayo party and suggested that we go to dinner first so that we could have a proper date.  My theory was, after the debacle that had happened when The Bachelor met my friends, that I may as well throw this one to the wolves…and he would either sink or swim.  And he agreed.


This reference made me giggle too much…

The next day, I drove to his place (and didn’t need him to help me with directions!) and we walked along the river to get to dinner where I learned that we have even more in common than I thought.  Our family make up is quite similar… we have similar feelings on kids (I don’t know why this was a second date topic) and both really REALLY fucking liked Stevie Ray Vaughn – a fact we figured out as we listened to a blues rock cover band that pretty much killed it.

We then walked back to his place where he went to the fridge to pick up the case of beer he had already bought for the party (so thoughtful) and got an uber.  We were off to meet my friends.

I was filled with anticipation as I worried whether he would be as awkward as The Bachelor and make me look like a moron for bringing him… I worried if throwing him to the wolves was going to scare away an otherwise perfectly good guy.  What happened was a bit different than I expected.



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