…More Than Sweet Potatoes

When a Panda Meets an Owl

panda_owl_smallOnce upon a time, I randomly joined one of my friends at a brew bus party.  For those of you who don’t know, the brew bus is a very fun thing where you go on a brewery bar crawl aboard a bus that serves you beer whilst in transit.  The party was for some guy who I had never met before’s 40th birthday.  I was invited as a last minute plus one.

When I arrived, I helped to set up the signs and table decorations and prepped a few dozen people I had never met before to scream “surprise.”  Then we went out onto the bus and began drinking…heavily.  Upon arrival at the last bar, I had just about had enough.  I found myself an area at the end of the bar and posted up…wide stanced…and ordered myself and my friend a drink.  And then, to be a total accidental dickhead, I didn’t move from my location at the bar to allow anyone else an opportunity to grab something for themselves.


I was deep in conversation with my friend when I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye who was clearly trying to get to the bar.

Me: Oh.  Sorry.  I didn’t mean to totally Bogart the bar.

Stranger: Oh, that’s fine.  [steps forward to order a beer, takes it and steps back, but doesn’t leave]

Me: Sorry about that.  I didn’t mean to be a dickhead.

Stranger: It’s okay.  I just wanted to grab a drink after a long day of work

Five minutes later, we were still chatting away about what he does for a living, whether or not we have anyone in common, and just kind of shooting the shit.  I wasn’t supremely enamored with him or anything, but he was nice and personable…so I kept talking to him.  We hit a lull in the conversation when he told me he should probably get back to his friends… and I agreed that I needed to do the same…since mine (the one person I knew) had now left me for the other end of the bar.  Then he walked away.

For about 2 minutes

He came back over and started up as though he had never finished “I should go back to my friends—” with this:

Stranger: –or maybe we could hang out sometime?

Me: Yes.  I’d like to do that. [yes, I did say it that formally]  I’m Debbie, by the way.

Stranger: Good.  I’m The Owl [no, he didn’t create his own nickname, but you know me…]

Me: Nice to meet you, officially.

Then I gave him my number and told him NOT to call or text me “so that I have his number, too” because (1) I’m kind of a dick, and (2) I was probably too drunk and wouldn’t remember anyway, so if he had put the ball in my court, I would have dropped it entirely.

He went back to his friends, I went back to mine.  When our brewery crawl left, I didn’t see him, but I was too drunk to worry about it.  The next day I received a text.  We texted back and forth about nothing when he finally asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with him that weekend.  I wanted to, but I was going to Atlanta for a kickball tournament… so I suggested the next weekend.  He wanted to, but he was going to be in New Jersey visiting family.  He suggested the weekend after that.  I wanted to, but I was going to Arizona to visit my family.

Next time, on The Owl Story:  We did end up making plans.  The Monday before I went to Arizona.  We grabbed a drink.  A drink that ended up with me spewing word-vomit all over the place.



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