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Gizmo and Debbie’s Great American Road Trip (Part 1) – Tres

First, I fully apologize for the entire lack of writing that has happened on this blog for the last month or two.  I’ve been handling a lot.  All of which will be explained in due time, but for now, let’s continue on the Great American Road Trip story.  If you haven’t already read uno and dos, please go read those first.


So we departed Nashville on Wednesday morning and re-started on our northern driving path.  We decided to split up our drive to Cincinnati by making a quick stop at Mammoth National Park in Kentucky.  I called ahead to make sure he was allowed to be there.  Turns out, because he is a certified therapy dog, he is allowed to be there.  However, all of the cave tours were multiple hours long and probably would have required more hiking than Gizmo would be easily able to do.  So we just did a 4 mile trail hike and saw the River Styx.


After spending a few hours enjoying the natural wonder of Mammoth Cave, we headed up toward Cincinnati.  Ohio is the only state sign Gizmo and I didn’t get a chance to get out and take a picture with.  It’s over the river and there are no shoulders to pull over on.  This was the first thing I didn’t like about Ohio.


After trying to navigate the weirdly laid out city of Cincinnati, we finally landed in Mt. Adams to see Brian.  He was working, and by the way, no where in Mt. Adams opens before like, 5pm.  So Gizmo and I went for an extended walk around the area (which is about 3 miles total) waiting for some beer garden or something to be open.  Once things did open, we got ushered out of three places before I asked if I could just throw his therapy vest on him and let it be okay.  This was the second thing I didn’t like about Ohio.  Easily the LEAST pet friendly place I’ve ever been.

We finally had a thousand drinks – well, Brian, me and Natalie (ya for making new kickball friends!) – and ate some food.  I can’t actually recall what happened next.  Food, probably, then more drinks.  Lots more drinks.  I got pretty messed up Wednesday night, actually.  I ended up sleeping in the bathroom – more or less – that night.


But at least it was kind of pretty!

Thursday was a lot of recovery, lunch, more drinking, and more relaxing.

Friday morning well before sunrise, I load myself, my bags, and my Gizmo in the car and headed out for Illinois.  We crossed into Indiana (and got to take a state sign picture) and ended up on autopilot pretty quickly.  Turns out I remember how to get home from Purdue pretty easily.  There was, however, a huge accident somewhere on I-80, so we circumvented it and, in doing so, missed our opportunity to take a picture with the Illinois state sign.


5am selfie at the Indiana State line

An hour after that, we landed at our extended stay home, sort of unpacked, changed, and I headed out for my work meeting.

Part one of the Great American Road Trip was awesome.  I saw amazing friends.  Saw amazing sights.  I had some great experiences and Gizmo got to see a lot of the country.  My little travel companion seemed to be craving a “home base,” but as it turns out, his home base was me (and his pillow.)

More road trip stories will surface in about a month when Dad joins us for the second half of our journey – from Chicago to Arizona.


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