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Gizmo and Debbie’s Great American Road Trip (Part 1) – Uno

As I am typing this, I am sitting on the front porch of a lovely AirBnB rental house in East Nashville.  It is a delightfully breezy 67 degrees at 7pm and the sun has just about set.  Gizmo is switching between pacing the wrap-around layout and peering out from between the railing slats at cars and people passing by.  Five or six of my kickball friends are inside planning our food, drinks, and events for tonight; another handful are out drinking on Broadway or Main street.  There’s another group I believe are sampling whatever delicacies Music City has to offer.

I’m on day 5 of Gizmo and Debbie’s Great American Road Trip (Part 1.)  Well, at least I was as I wrote this sentence.  I have to finish my “How Did We Get Here” series before any of this will post.  But I’ll tell you what, this has been an amazing trip and it’s only half over.

Day 1:
Tuesday morning, after waking up and struggling to say good-bye (or bye for now) to The Owl, Gizmo and I headed to my dentist before heading north to Orlando.  When I got there, Maurna and I went to get some incredibly delicious New Orleans style food.  I ate shrimp creole, tasted some cheesy grits, and had a REALLY good spinach salad.  You’ll have to ask Maurna for the name of the place, but I strongly suggest you check it out if you’re ever in Orlando or the suburbs of the city.  We then decided to go to the Skeleton Museum.  You guys.  YOU GUYS.  The Skeleton Museum was incredible.  It’s not the least bit creepy or weird.  It’s super science-y and is full of really cool skeletons of humans, animals, birds and fish.  They’re all set in positions that they might have been while alive.  Really.  Dude.  So cool.  After that we went to a delicious dinner and then watched Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and The Last Unicorn before going to bed.


#GoatSelfie with Maurna!


Yep…. I screen shot my own snapchat picture…

Day 2:
Wednesday I woke up pretty early, stopped by a Starbucks with Gizmo to start our day and headed out to Katy’s house near Tampa.  The hour and a half drive was easy and kind of fun.  Upon arrival I immediately met Billy the goat, Bo the dog, a few horses, and re-met her daughter – Piper.  I’d met Piper before, but now she is about two years old and a lot more fun to be around.  At least for me.  I’m not sure Gizmo would say the same as she dragged him around the house by his tail and his collar.  Fun fact, Gizmo is incredible with kids.

Actually, as a theme that will come up throughout these posts, Gizmo is an angel who had quite a trip and is probably VERY happy to be settled at one place finally.

Anyhow, Katy and I did what we’ve always done best.  We hung out, chatted, drank, and watched movies.  We spent the day talking about our lives since we lived together and how drastically different we are now.  After her husband came home, we all went out to dinner, hung out some more, and then went to bed.  It was kind of a perfect day to spend with my first family member in Florida.


Another #GoatSelfie, but this time, at Katy’s house!

Things of note so far:

~ Gizmo is an angel.  Not only will he let children pull his tail and not make a peep, he also will look out the window and then curl up on a pillow in the passenger seat and leave the driver alone no matter how long he is in the car.

~ Throughout Florida, until driving on Day 3 (which we’ll get to in the next post,) I had access to some rocking music on local stations.  I had queued up a bunch of podcasts to get me through the drive, but they hadn’t been needed at all.  I was quite happy about this.

~ I got gas for $2.18 the day I left, $2.16 the next day and $2.12 on Day 3 headed out of Florida.

~ I had to leave Gizmo in the car once and felt like a horrible dog mom.  To be fair, it was about 68 degrees out, I had blasted the AC for 10 minutes before leaving him, I cracked all 4 windows, I parked in the shade, and I was gone for an actual 12 minute span of time.  Regardless, I hated it.  HATED.

~ Saying good-bye to people is somehow less sad when you are going on a driving trip.  It’s almost like your brain doesn’t realize you’re not coming back.  I don’t know.  Maybe that’s just me.  Sitting here now as I write this, I am very sad about the people I’ve left… but in a “glad I have them in my life and care about them enough to be sad” kind of way.

I have 9 more days of road trip to cover, so sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea or bourbon (whatever you prefer… I don’t judge ya) and enjoy my ride.



One comment on “Gizmo and Debbie’s Great American Road Trip (Part 1) – Uno

  1. Ann St. Vincent
    September 21, 2015

    Give Maurna a kiss from me… I miss her!


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