…More Than Sweet Potatoes

There’s SO much going on

I have a few minutes before I fall asleep to write this.  I apologize if it is unfinished by the time it posts at noon on Monday…

There is a lot going on.

So much.

My nephew is visiting me right now.  It’s a lot of fun for me to have someone around to show all the specific interesting things about living in South Florida.  It’s also a little stressful because I worry he isn’t having much fun.  Or that it isn’t want he wanted it to be.  He’s eighteen, so I would assume everything is “fine” but I hate not knowing for real.

Between Independence Day and the Women’s World Cup, this has been a very patriotic weekend.  A LOT of celebrating has been done over the last 48 hours.

I was working on the next part of the Fear and Loathing story, but it’s nowhere near finished enough to post tomorrow (or today, when you read this.)

And, for reasons (some real, some imagined) I am feeling a LOT of anxiety right now.  I just feel heavily unsettled.  Eventually it’ll all get worked out and whatever, but for now… just excuse me if I am a little MIA.


Happy Monday.


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