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Fear and Loathing: Part 1

It’s Sunday night and I’m somewhere in the 8th realm of an Orange Is The New Black worm hole.  That said, I feel like I’ve completely dropped out of writing this blog.  I promised you some blogs about Vegas, so I may as well deliver on my promises, right?  I’m still watching “in the background” so I apologize for any brevity or inconsistencies in my post.


Last Thursday, I hopped on a 9pm flight to McCarren International Airport.  I got on board with a few mini bottles of Jack Honey, a suitcase full of entirely too many sets of clothing, and a can-do attitude.  When I landed in Vegas, Karen met me at my gate – which I didn’t even know was a possibility still – and handed me a mini bottle of Patron.  We met up with McNugget and headed out for night one.  After stopping at a kickball  bar located in the same parking lot as the department of homeland security (and I really can’t make that shit up) we went to a bar near McNugget’s house.  We stayed out until 3 or 4 in the morning (which was 6 or 7 to Karen and I having come from the east coast,) passed out and slept…

…for about 4 hours.


We went to have breakfast at Hash House a Go-Go where we had a few drinks, a way too big plate of food each, and nursed a slight hangover before heading to Red Rock Canyon.  If you ever have the chance to go to this place, fucking do it.  Seriously.  It’s gorgeous.  I think I took a few minutes to stop, take about five deep breaths and then say, out loud, how incredible it is that nature created such an amazing place.  I also was not high at the time, so it was a legitimate, clearheaded assessment.


We were told to go on two trails: the first one and Ice Box Canyon.  We got our little maps and headed out.  We took a ton of pictures and tried to catch bugs before I looked over back at the visitor center and felt somehow very far away.  It felt like it shouldn’t be that far away.  Karen and I pulled out our map to try to get a handle on where we were.  Mind you, I’m very good at maps and directions, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  If you’ve ever been on a hiking trail, it’s pretty common for there to be little marked posts in the ground that have a color or an arrow in order to keep you on the right paths.  Those things don’t exist at Red Rock.  There are posts, but there are no colors.  Just arrows.  And we were lost.  We found ourselves up on a decent sized hill much further than I think we were supposed to go.  I wondered aloud about what would happen if we got lost and never got back, but Karen assured me that our car in the parking lot would alert them to our being missing, and we probably would not die out there.  I may have decided to be a bit melodramatic about this whole thing…


Seriously – how gorgeous??

Alas we did make it back after deciding to go off path.  We met up with the boys – who I am going to name Jack and Scott – and headed out to the Ice Box Canyon.  When we got there we ran into an older couple and their young-adult son who warned us to NOT go on this trail under any circumstances.  You know how on trail one there were posts in the ground but no directions?  Well on Ice Box there isn’t even a trail.  You kind of just have to look for the slightly more beaten path where you can see some shoe prints.  We walked about 45 minutes uphill, over boulders, down little mini rock slides before we started to get tired.  It turns out we probably should have brought some water.  We took a few minutes to relax and then continued up the trail.  We didn’t make it much further before we found out that the water thing was kind of a big deal.  We came across a group of 4 people coming back down the trail who let us know that we were only another 30ish minutes from the end of the trail where there were gorgeous views and a lot of shade.  We were faced with a decision.


Nature, mother fucker…nature.

And this seems like a good moment to break and let you wonder whether or not we decided to continue up that trail without any form of hydration and with a feeling of exhaustion.  Plus, more than 700 words seems like enough for the first post about Vegas…especially considering this all happened within 24 hours of being there.  More to come!


One comment on “Fear and Loathing: Part 1

  1. markbialczak
    June 18, 2015

    Holy crap, Deb! Gorgeous is an understatement. Plus, how did you do it? 🙂


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