…More Than Sweet Potatoes

Today is the Day

I’m headed to Vegas for a 4 day weekend of AMAZING.  I fly in tonight, Karen flies in tonight as well.  Mark flies in this afternoon, Brett is driving over Friday morning and Tim…well, that fucker lives there…so this is old hat for him.  There will be shenanigans, horrible decision making, hiking, partying, friend-ing, and general ridiculousness.


Going here!


My parents have asked that I let them know if I am intending to get married.  They’d like 4-5 hours notice so that they can drive up from their house and get there in time…

…to be my witnesses and celebrate.

Because I have badass parents who refuse to stifle my decisions…right or wrong, good or bad.

Oh, and you know that whole thing of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”  No fucking way man…


Except for herpes…that shit’ll follow you home


What happens in Vegas will absolutely end up on this blog.  Probably.

Or at the very least, you can follow the hashtag #LVNVbirthday on my twitter and/or instagram.

By the way, follow me in general, if you don’t already.

Okay…. Wheels Up for Vegas in 9.5 hours from when this posts!!!!



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