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Eight Days

At Hanukkah time, we celebrate that a small amount of oil lasted for eight whole days (if you believe in that sort of thing.)


When a baby boy is born into a Jewish family, they celebrate the covenant by having a Bris for him on the eight day of his little life.

Eight Days a Week is a pretty delightful song by The Beatles.


And in eight days (from the time I am writing this) I will be turning 30.

Eight Days til Thirty, you guys.

and here’s the thing… I am SO not concerned about this at all.  I’m excited.  This year, instead of doing a 30 before 30 bucket list (similar to what I did before I turned 29) I’ve decided to pick one thing to do each day from now until my day of birth celebration on Thursday, June 4th.

Today (Wednesday, May 27th) I decided it was time to stop being so damn lazy and use the fact that I feel pretty icky as an opportunity to do laundry and Keratin treat my hair.

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 28th) I have my last singing class, but I fully intend to dance around my living room in my underwear afterward.


Friday the 29th I am going to paint something other than canvas and see what happens!

Saturday the 30th I am going to go to the local Wine and Food festival.  I live near about a billion food and wine festivals and have yet to attend one.  Well, unless you consider the Epcot one…but really, you shouldn’t.  It’s not even remotely worth the money.

Sunday the 31st Gizmo is working, but I am going to take him to get groomed afterward.  He pretty desperately needs it.  He’s so incredibly fuzzy.  But then, I am going to have a serious cooking night and plan food for the upcoming week.  I may try something brand new that I’ve never tried to make before.  Suggestions VERY welcome on this one.

Monday the 1st I am going to the Cubs game.  But how, Debbie?  The Cubs are Chicago’s team…are you going to be in Chicago? No, they are visiting the Miami Marlins.  Preview of the World Series?  Only if you believe that Back to the Future was right…

Combo of amazing movies, for the win!

Combo of amazing movies, for the win!

Tuesday the 2nd I would like to go to the movies.  I haven’t been to a movie in a while.  Anyone want to join me?  I’ll go by myself, but I’d love someone to join me.

Wednesday the 3rd I have kickball.  I am going to go and then try to make it out to the bar to celebrate my birthday, but I also need to make sure I pack (either before or after) for the big Vegas trip

…which I leave for on Thursday, June 4th.  When I wake up in my 30s, I am going to gift myself some Starbucks (which I almost never do,) then go to work, leave work and head on south in search for Miami International Airport.  Maybe I’ll grab some dinner first.  My flight isn’t until 9pm.  I will land in Sin City at 11:40pm where my Karen will have landed a bit earlier and we will begin the epic weekend of way too much fun, way too much drinking, and probably some regrets.

In addition to a schedule filled with drinking, gambling and pool celebrations, there will be hiking, mini-golfing, and a lot of hanging out.

That’s kind of all I have going on right now, guys.

I am really looking forward to being 30.  I’m even more looking forward to being in Vegas (for the first time ever) to celebrate.  I am looking forward to all the mistakes and changes I am going to make in my 30s and I’m excited to have the chance to look back at my 20s and reminisce about how young and stupid I was “back in the day.”


Thanks for being a part of my young and stupid.

…I promise, however, to do enough stupid shit in my 30s to keep this blog fun and exciting.

…maybe I’ll finally get married on whim…

Celebrate with me by doing something fun/notable/different than your norm for the next eight days…and tell me all about it.  My birthday can be a fun week for everyone.  What are you going to do for the last eight days of my twenties??


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