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I’m the Queen of the World, or something…

Maurna keeps doing this to me.  She, for some reason I just do not understand, nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Award.  I don’t think I will win anything, but it seems nice and thoughtful.  I don’t know that I’m fantastic at supporting sisterhoods, in general, but I am always willing to try.

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It seems that I get to answer the questions that Maurna answered in her post.  In case you were like “that Debbie girl doesn’t write enough about her life and stuff, I need to know more.”  Which, I am almost entirely certain is NOT something you were thinking.  But without further ado:

1. What is your favorite sexual position?

I am a person who gets bored moderately easily, so I am a position shifter.  Assuming the dude isn’t boring and dead-fish about it, I prefer at least 2 position shifts.  This feels like a weird question to answer.  For more information, inquire within (giggity.)

2. If you and your 10 year old self met and had a talk what would she say to you?

I think 10-year-old-me would yell at me for the person I’ve become.  I was going to be a paleontologist.  I was going to be involved in dinosaur and other animal bones.  I was going to excavate.  I was going to be married, have a house, and be a grown up by 25.  I’m none of those things.  Thing is, almost-30-year-old-me would be happy (and able, which is pretty huge) to explain to the younger version of myself that our best laid plans often don’t occur in the order or in the timeline we have set for ourselves.  If I understood that at 10 years old, I imagine I would have avoided a few particularly detrimental breakdowns and self-loathing spirals.

3. What is the first bit of writing you did outside of school/homework?

I’m not entirely sure.  I wasn’t really a diary keeper or a journal-er.  I’ve never written poetry for fun or short stories.  The first thing I wrote for myself might have been the Quinn Sanders blog that Chrissy and I co-wrote.  That said, in my first elementary school, we did a lot of writing that was assigned, but basically for fun.  I wrote and illustrated a lot of books in those days.  Once I wrote a book called “Dinosaurs that Lived a Long Time Ago,” and my best friend, Erin, will confirm that it is one of the most amusing books ever written.

4. What is your favorite song now?

I don’t have a “favorite song now.”  I do have a list of songs that make me happy pretty much no matter what.  Many of them are by Hall and Oates.  Some are by Kool and the Gang.  Some are by Earth Wind and Fire.  I’ve been seen rocking my face off to Electric Guest’s “This Head I Hold” lately though.

 5. If you could tell the world just one thing what would it be?

My mom used to have a post-it on her Rolodex (wow, how dated is this sentence??) that said “leave them in their choices.”  Or maybe it was “let them be in their choices.”  I don’t recall which, really.  I asked her about it all the time as a child.  I didn’t understand even when she explained it to me.  As an adult (sort of) I get it.  She was reminding herself to let go of her need for someone to do as she would do.  She was acknowledging that when someone makes a choice – regardless of if it’s one you would make – there is nothing you can do about it.  People have a right to their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, etc.  Allow people do have that right without judgement or negativity.  To put it in 2015 terms: You do you.  Let people do them.

6. Which period of history had the best clothing?

This is a ridiculous question.  All clothing is stupid and we all know it.  So the period of time where people just were naked all the time, accepted their physical beauty as theirs and theirs alone and just, ya know, lived their lives without the hassle of fabric and such.

 7. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?

Is it fair to call my feelings disproportionate?  No.  No it is not.  That said, I HATE liars.  I hate hate hate hate being lied to.  I am an extremely forgiving and understanding person, but I cannot move past dishonesty.  Never have.  Never will.  I suppose this could be considered disproportionate due to my incredible skills as a liar that I (almost) always use for “good.”

8. How good are you at keeping secrets?

I’m fantastic at it.  Unless you’re my mom.  I can’t keep a secret from her.  That woman knows more about me than I think she ever wanted to.  I tell her everything.  Everything anyone tells me.  We’re awesome secret keepers though.  Trust us.  AWESOME.

9. Do you have a pet?

If by “pet” you actually mean the tiny fuzzy white ball of perfection, love and smushles that is Gizmo, then yes, I have a pet.


For serious… he’s the BEST

10. If you could invent anything what would it be?

A Teleporter.  Hands down.  No questions asked.  If I could teleport, I could do all the traveling and visiting of friends that I want without having to take so many days off of work.  That’d be the dream.  Leave work on a Friday, teleport to Peru, hike the Incan Trail and teleport back Sunday so I could get laundry done and food cooked for the work week.

And now I’m supposed to nominate some people.  Everyone is a part of this sisterhood, I suppose, but here’s who I nominate. Feel free to not participate.

1. Chrissy – the reason I blog in the first place

2. Jennifer – we have real life friends in common and that makes me happy

3. Daile – she writes so raw and honestly and she deserves all the credit in the world for it

4. Sandra – she takes gorgeous photos and one in particular caught my eye enough to offer her thousands of dollars for it.  Thankfully she didn’t take me up on my offer.


2 comments on “I’m the Queen of the World, or something…

  1. Ben Cotton
    April 9, 2015

    I’d be down for the all-naked, all-the-time plan, but I don’t think there’s enough sunscreen in the world for me to be able to survive that.


  2. Quirky Chrissy
    April 9, 2015

    I shall respond here. Because that makes it more appropriate to agree with some of your answers.

    Also you make me feel all warm and fuzzy saying that I am the reason you blog.

    1. What is your favorite sexual position?
    This IS a weird question to answer. But I suppose that I have to answer it now, huh? Well, I can’t. But I’ll tell you it’s super bendy and pretzelesque.

    2. If you and your 10 year old self met and had a talk what would she say to you?
    She’d probably say I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Because she knew way better than I did that this is what I wanted. She would have HATED 20’s me, but 29’s me is exactly where she planned to end up all along. Although I’m pretty sure she thought I’d be here a lot sooner. And she’d love Brian.

    3. What is the first bit of writing you did outside of school/homework?

    I’ve always written words. I had a dozen diaries/journals. The first one I know for sure is from the summer between 6th and 7th grade.

    4. What is your favorite song now?

    I don’t have a “favorite song now.” That. Although I do love me some Taylor Swift.

    5. If you could tell the world just one thing what would it be?

    Don’t be a dick.

    6. Which period of history had the best clothing?
    While I love being naked, and agree, I’m going to go with the 50’s big skirts and tight tops and adorable-ness.

    7. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?

    Elitist asshole behavior. You think that you can judge someone based on the school they went to? Their social status? Their age? Race? Sex? Fuck you. (And yes, I know someone like this)

    8. How good are you at keeping secrets?

    Usually pretty solid. Unless it’s a fun secret that I’m keeping for myself. Like when I get Brian something awesome for Christmas.

    9. Do you have a pet?

    No. Brian won’t let me.

    10. If you could invent anything what would it be?
    Something that would allow me to have more time for my life and spend less time in a corporate office. If I knew what it was, I would invent it.


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