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Travel Blog: Georgia Kickball Open 2015


Obviously we were cold…

Last weekend I went to Atlanta for a kickball tournament.

This isn’t the first bout of travelling I’ve done in 2015, but I didn’t think to blog about those trips.  So you’ll have to do without travel stories from Islamorada, Marathon Key and Captiva Island (at least until I run out of things to write about at which point it’ll be nice to have a back up plan for writing topics…)

So anyway, I went to Atlanta.  Through playing kickball, I have made a lot of friends from out of state, and many of them live in Atlanta.  The idea of spending a weekend with Karen was more exciting than playing kickball, but it gave me a solid excuse to spend money on a plane ticket.  I knew I would be playing in the Girls Tournament on Sunday, but I wanted to make the most of my trip, so I found a co-ed team to play with on Saturday.  I was so excited to go.  I packed Thursday night, brought my bags to work with me on Friday and went to the airport as soon as work was over.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300(ER)

Seating:  When I booked my flight, I chose seat 19A.  I don’t know why I remember this, but I do.  Clearly.  My flight there was 19A, my flight back was 17A.  So when I checked in online the night before and my boarding pass said “seat assigned at gate counter” I was confused, but went with it.  When I got there they gave me my newly assigned seat: 40A.  Because I was on a flight with 40 G. D. rows?!  How big was this plane!?

When I boarded I got all the way back to my seat, put my bag in the overhead and sat down with a wonderful woman and her 18 year old daughter.

Captain’s Announcements:  Pretty quickly the captain came on the speaker to let us know that we were in for a very turbulent ride.  The sheer number of times he said “Very Turbulent” was enough to make me a believer, but as if that weren’t enough, he informed us that there would not be food or drink service on this flight… because he wasn’t allowing the flight attendants to get up during the flight unless there was an emergency.  Oh, and if you need to use the restroom?  Do it now or while we are taxiing.  Do not plan to get up during the flight.  So the turbulence was not a joke.  Got it.


Oh google search… thank you for this.

Mason:  The plane had 3 separate sections – though they were not separated – of cabin seating.  Each section had it’s own 2 flight attendant.  Ours were some lady and Mason.  Mason is a fabulous man with a fabulous sense of humor and he 100% gets me.  When the captain made the announcement that there wouldn’t be food or drink service, I had this conversation with Mason:

Me: No drink service?  But I wanted to buy alcohol!  How am I supposed to drink now??

Mason: I’m not even allowed to get up.  I don’t wanna die from pushing a 250lb cart around when we hit turbulence.

Me: Well I certainly don’t want that either.

Mason: I’m sorry, sweetie.

Me: Any chance you can give me booze now and I’ll pay you before we take off or after we land?

Mason: (pause) (another pause) What do you want?

Me: Jack Honey

Mason asked the other people in my row what they wanted as well.  Walked away and came back a minute or two later.

Mason: What do you want to mix it with?

Me: Nothing

Mason: I knew I liked you.  I like your style.

Mason came back with two mini bottles of jack honey for me, and a vodka soda for the lovely lady sitting with me.

The flight WAS turbulent, but much less so than I had expected from the announcements.  Though I could be wrong… I did have two shots of Jack Honey in me…

Making up flight time and rude people: As you may know, Atlanta is a hub for Delta, so almost all of their flights connect through Atlanta.  We were delayed leaving (scheduled to leave at 6:45 and left at 7:15) and everyone on the flight kept bitching about probably missing their flights and having to get off from the back of the plane.  As it was, we landed 4 minutes later than originally scheduled, and anyone who missed their flight would have missed it even if we were 100% on time.  That said, as people were walking off the plane, there was a LOT of bitching about the turbulence, being “late,” and the lack of food/drink service.  Shit like that bothers the hell out of me.  You just flew through the air while sitting in a chair to get somewhere that is 10 hour drive away in 1.5 hours…so shut up and appreciate the people who got you there.

As I exited, I said bye to Mason and headed toward the cabin door.  As I passed the rest of the flight crew, and they all said their obligatory “thank you, have a good night” kind of thing, I told them “Thank you for getting me here safely and effectively.  Have a wonderful night!” which was obviously a welcome change from all the bitching because I could hear them chattering about it as I walked away.

And then I went and played 2 days of kickball, drank 40s, ate delicious food with my friends and learned a lot, but that’s a post for another day.


There is so much love in this picture – and that’s what Kickball is about for me.


One comment on “Travel Blog: Georgia Kickball Open 2015

  1. atgarms
    April 2, 2015

    Glad to know there is at least one other non-miserable traveler, no matter how miserable traveling may sometimes be. Arriving safely and within a reasonable “delivery” window with kind airline personnel is really all I ask for. Its typically the other passengers on the plane that ruin the in-flight experience, not the pilots or flight attendants or baggage handlers.


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