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I’m in Good Hands

I broke my car.

It was entirely my own fault and I am sad.

Scenario: the SUV in front of me slammed on his brakes so as to avoid hitting the car in front of him.  Then I slammed on my brakes in order to avoid hitting the SUV.  I was unsuccessful.  The police were called.  We pulled over to the side of the road and got out of our cars.

The gentleman who I hit was on the phone the entire time.  I walked around the front of the car, saw the damage, and began to cry.  I didn’t cry to try to get out of taking fault for the accident.  I didn’t cry to get sympathy.  I cried because I am 5 months away from owning my car and I BROKE IT.

Not a few scratches here and there…broken.


I hit an SUVs trailer hitch…can you tell?

There was question as to whether or not my baby was driveable.  The police officer and I tested it out (i.e. we turned it on and let it run for 10 minutes to make sure it wasn’t leaking fluid or smoke.)  We determined that it’d be okay for me to drive it (30 minutes back home) but that I should start out by driving to a gas station and making sure it was okay.  I should also drive at a low speed in the right lane of the highway and be aware of the engine temperature.

***Fun fact, my car doesn’t have a temperature gauge.  It only has a light that comes on when it’s too hot.  But that light didn’t come on.  I drove home, cried more, called Allstate and made a claim for my car.***

The next day I drove to work with the windows down because my AC was not working.  Deal-able.  Drive-able.  Just broken and embarrassing.  I made an appointment to take it into the shop that Allstate recommended after work.

When I got there, they did a quick walk around of my car and quickly came to a pretty clear conclusion:  The bitch is not and was not driveable.


She doesn’t look THAT bad… right?

Luis (the estimator): How did you get the car here?

Me: Um, like what route?  I took Andrews…

Luis: You drove?

Me: Yes.

Luis: You, my dear, are VERY lucky it didn’t overheat and die.

Me: It seems driveable.  I drove it home from WPB and then to and from work today…

Luis: Again, very lucky.  The radiator is pushed up against your engine.  Your car currently has no way to cool itself.  I assume the only reason it didn’t overheat is that your hood is bent up enough to let outside air in.

Me: So… I’m not getting it back, huh?

Luis: Not until it’s fixed.  No.

So I am car-less for about 3 weeks.  Sure I could get a rental car, but realistically, I don’t need it.
(1) I can ride my bike to work.  Hell, I could even walk it.
(2) My neighbor is being amazing and driving me
(3) I am out of town this weekend and most of next week…so I really only need help getting places for 10 total days.

I do hate being dependent on others, but I suppose I deserve it.  I did cause all this, after all.

That said, (and no one is paying me to say this) I LOVE YOU ALLSTATE INSURANCE!  I find my monthly payments to be reasonable considering I live in the least insured state in the US – making our rates higher than I was ever paying in Chicagoland.  I love you for having accident forgiveness so my rates won’t go up.  I also love you for having me in a $500 deductible plan.  I found out the estimated cost of my repairs:

Fenders (2x)
Headlights (2x)

Cost: Just under $6k.

I will very happily pay my $500 deductible and move on.


There’s a funny story about the time I tried to explain who Dennis Haysbert was to someone and proved, once and for all, that I legitimately don’t recognize skin color when describing someone.


This isn’t the worst accident I’ve ever been in.  I’ll write about that one someday.  What’s the worst injury your vehicle has sustained?  Do you love your insurance company?  If not, try Allstate.  Dennis Haysbert has me hooked for life.

2 comments on “I’m in Good Hands

  1. atgarms
    March 26, 2015

    I am also a happy ALLSTATE customer thanks to President Palmer and the personal customer service I’ve grown used to (my mom is my agent). I’m willing to pay the California insurance prices despite it being nearly two times what it was in suburban Chicago.

    Glad you walked away unharmed and you can make the best of the situation sans automobile. I would feel even more lonely on the West Coast without Max.


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