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Napoleon: Meeting and Eating

With The Bachelor story over and done with (sad, I know) I realize I have a wide open space to fill with yet another dating series.  So get excited.  It’s happening.  Right now:


**Editorial note: some of my readers may know this person and may know people who know or dated him.  Those people should not ruin the anonymity of these blog posts.  Thank you in advance.**

Also, this series will likely be much shorter than that of The Bachelor because it’s been a long time since these events took place and I don’t recall things as well… but it’s something!

I had just recently joined a common interest group (read: run club kind of thing) when I met Napoleon.  While I knew many of the people, some of them were brand new to me.  It took me a few weeks (and some annoying facebook messaging) to finally get the boy’s number.  When I did we started talking a bit, but nothing really exciting happened.


Fun fact: Napoleon wasn’t ACTUALLY short. It’s a historical inaccuracy.

That is until he was my backup for a Valentine’s Day date.

Actually, I think we may have had plans just before that.  This is where things get fuzzy because it’s been so long… let’s assume the date I’m about to discuss happened the week before Valentine’s Day while I was still going on dates (well, painting walls) with The Tampon.

It turns out that Napoleon and I both like sushi.  A lot.  He had mentioned a restaurant near my place that he had been to before that has great sushi.  So on a Sunday we went, ordered an appetizer, hot sake, and two rolls that we split.  We went to town and ate it all rapidly.  We finished our hot sake quite quickly as well.  When Napoleon got up to use the restroom, I found myself peering into the white ceramic bottle of hot sake to see if we had finished it, or if there was a little bit left.  The owner of this sushi restaurant saw me doing so and came over:

Owner: Is there a hole in the bottle?

Me: Haha no.  I was just seeing if there was anymore sake left in the bottle.

Owner: Oh.  Here [takes it out of my hand] let me check for you.

Then he walked away and promptly returned with a brand new bottle saying that it was actually quite full.  He smiled and walked away.  When Napoleon returned I informed him that we had some work to do.  Work we were happy to do.


I can’t even tell you how much I want this in my mouth right now.

When we got back to my place, we hung out on the couch for a little and then he kissed me.  We watched some Netflix and cuddled a bit.  After an hour or so, it was getting late for a school night for me…he didn’t have a job, so he had no where to be.  I obviously choose winners... so he left and we made plans to “talk soon.”  At the time, I didn’t know soon would include being drunk and making Valentine’s Day plans…

Come back next week for the next installment of Napoleon where I’ll gush all about the make out session to rival a 14 year old’s fantasies and the anti-Valentine’s Day date.

3 comments on “Napoleon: Meeting and Eating

  1. Anastasia
    March 16, 2015

    So happy to see a continuation!


  2. Gentleman Jim
    March 16, 2015

    Damn! I forgot to DVR the end to the “Batchelor”! When will it be re-run??


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