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The Bachelor: Date Night #? and Family Bowling Night

Last week on The Bachelor… after a little mind-altering substance use and some piano time, we had retreated to the bedroom which failed to yield any results due to my untimely passing out.  We later met up while I was out with friends and then had some one-on-one time at his place of business.  We then began planning our next date.

After playing a concert grand piano for a while and then shutting down his advances at the piano shop, I received a text planning our next date night before I even got inside my apartment.

We had planned to spend Wednesday night together (it seemed to work best for our schedules.)  He came over and brought a bottle of wine.

Dear any potential suitors reading this, bring me booze.  Worth it, I promise.

This date night had an air to it.  An aura, if you will.  Something felt different.  We split the bottle of wine pretty quickly, watched an episode of Jeopardy! (I love when people placate me and let me do what I want,) and then he grabbed my torso and pulled me into him to make out.The-Notebook

It took about 3 seconds of making out to realize where this was headed.  In a minute I was straddling him (clothed) on the couch.  Two minutes later I was in the air being carried to my bedroom.  If you’ve seen The Notebook, you should picture the scene where Noah carries Allie up the stairs while disrobing her, except Noah is way sexier and hotter than The Bachelor, and there were no stairs… only a short 100 ft walk.

I’m going to spare you the details, but I’ll give you this: There were portions of the experience that just felt like I was a strip of asphalt being demolished to make way for new road.  The were other portions that were significantly less… violent (in feeling, not in actual violence.)


“You yadda yadda’d over the best part!” ” I mentioned the lobster bisque.”

We spent the next hour or so just laying there in bed “cuddling.”  That is in quotes because I’m not a big cuddler.  If I am cuddling, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be considering doing other sexytime things with you.  Unless we’re falling asleep.  In which case, you can cuddle the hell out of me.  Until we fall asleep.  Then get on your half of the bed and leave me the hell alone.

I got up to get some water and snacks.  We watched a movie and then actually went to bed.  Which lasted about an hour because he would not stop cuddling me.


Would not.


I woke him up to push him over onto the other half of my bed, but he kept rolling back half on top of me.  I was overheating.  My arm was falling asleep.  I needed my G D space.

The next morning when we woke up, I made coffee again and got ready while he laid in bed for a while.  I brought him the coffee and he complained about my lack of cuddling.

The Bachelor: So what’s with not wanting me anywhere near you at night?

Me: It’s not that at all.  I just overheat and move around in my sleep.

The Bachelor: But you kept pushing me away

Me: Because you kept laying across three quarters of the bed

The Bachelor: [hurt look on his face] Oh…

Me: It has literally nothing to do with you.  I push Gizmo out of my way at night, too.

We left knowing we wouldn’t be seeing each other again for almost an entire week.  We kept texting and calling every day like regular.  Sharing work stories, issues, complaints about people, funny anecdotes and cute/adorable/obnoxious comments about liking each other.

My cousin came to visit that Saturday.  It was the weekend before Christmas and we had a million plans.  When The Bachelor asked to hang out with me before he went out of town for the holiday, I could only offer that he join me, my cousin, and about 20 of my kickball friends at our bowling night.

On Monday bowling night I texted him the official plans for time to meet, address of alley, and the theme (Plaid.)  He fought the plaid thing (which I offered to buy him a plaid shirt at Goodwill – which is where my cousin and I were going,) and pointed out that he must really like me because he doesn’t like bowling.

Say WHAT?!  Who doesn’t like bowling?!


So he met us there.  My cousin and I obviously went together and met up with my friends.  When The Bachelor got there I introduced him to some of the important people and figured he’d make his way to the other 10 or so that I wasn’t extra close with.  Turns out, I was wrong.  He didn’t introduce himself to any person.

We bowled on the same team along with my cousin and a couple friends.  I had an awesome time.  It didn’t seem like he was that into it, but I made a point of hanging out with him and spending time with him in spite of being in a room full of people I like hanging out with.

When we were done, he walked us out and the cousin left us alone for a minute.  He kissed me goodbye and asked if he could stop by on his way out of town Christmas eve to give me a holiday present.

FUCK!  We’re exchanging gifts?! Okay…

I told him to text me when he was on the way out and we’ll coordinate (a.k.a I was stalling.)

The cousin and I got in the car and said goodbye.  With another rose in hand.


Check back next week, on The Bachelor, to hear about how he came over to participate in our first gift exchange and we went out for my neighbors birthday to a bar/restaurant and comedy show.  And see if that was the beginning of the end or the beginning of something beautiful.


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