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The Bachelor: Thanksgiving Texts and The Reunion

Previously on The Bachelor… I had the distinct pleasure of having a guitar AND a piano played for me while I sipped on vodka (on the rocks, with a lime).  We had attempted to watch some DVR but settled on a movie which was interrupted by roaming hands.  We’d attended a happy hour and said goodnight before I went “home” for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year was an entire week-long event this year.  My niece had her bat mitzvah the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I spent 10 days in Chicago with my family as opposed to the usual 4 day weekend of the holiday.


Do you remember when I wrote about meeting The Bachelor and I said I was technically single?  What I meant by that is that while I was 100% single and available to date whomever I wanted to date, my brain was focused on someone else.  Focused isn’t the right word, but basically all my emotional energies (which isn’t MUCH, but it’s something) were directed to someone else who I had intended to see over the Thanksgiving weekend.  And while that didn’t end up happening, it did shape the quantity of texts I was sending to The Bachelor.  I basically didn’t text him with the exception of responding to his texts and pictures.  I was perfectly cordial.  Nice.  Engaging even, but I was focused on other things: I was bummed about not spending time with the other guy, and I was having the most fun hanging out with my friends and family.  He sent me pictures of the random crap he was finding in his grandmothers house, pictures of him cooking, pictures of the sunrise, and a picture of an old poker chips set with swastikas on it.  I kept him up to date on my plans with my friends.  There was an underlying theme to every thing I told him.  He replied with some variation of the same response:

Is there a live band or something?  What’s the draw for going there?

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I had begun to worry that he was a bit too one-sided for me and this line of conversation applying to every plan I made drove that point home a bit more.



I got back to Florida the Sunday after Thanksgiving and The Bachelor immediately contacted me about going out.  I was busy Monday and Tuesday, but offered up my Wednesday night around 8pm.  At the time of date planning I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to go out rather than stay in.  The next day I had a craving for seafood and suggested my brand new (to me) neighborhood bar and restaurant.

We got there, sat at the bar, and began drinking, talking about our vacations and sharing even more pictures.  We ordered food, kissed publicly, talked to the bartender and watched hockey.  We were chatting away with the bartender and another couple at the bar for a while.  When we were done eating and drinking, we left and walked back to the car.

The Bachelor: It’s nice out.  I’m happy to see you.

Me: Yeah.  This was nice.

The Bachelor: Well?  Did you miss me?

Me: Yeah.  Though I was pre-occupied with family and friends.  But I did miss seeing you.

The Bachelor: That was close enough to a nice response.  I’ll take it.

Me: It was honest AND nice.  What’s not to take?

He drove me home and came in.  We did some light making out on the couch and had another drink.  When he left he asked if we could hang out the next night.  I agreed to a nice night in after I got home from work around 6.

When he rolled by around 7:30 I was mildly annoyed, but he brought me a bottle of wine, so I got over it pretty quickly.  We watched some Law and Order: SVU, an episode of Jeopardy! and I made dinner.  After that, he picked me up, carried me to my bedroom (hello? HOT) and we did a bunch of sexytime things.  Then he agreed to spend the night!



I got in bed and he lagged behind a bit.  He had decided he wanted to watch a movie to fall asleep to and chose Lion King.  Here’s the thing about Lion King.  That movie makes me cry BIG FAT UGLY tears.  Every time I watch it, I end up calling my Dad and telling him he can never die.  I’ve called my parents crying at 2am saying “I need to talk to Daddy,” and my mom will hand him the phone saying “your daughter is watching Lion King again.”

I had previously disclosed this information to The Bachelor.

Me: No.  We can’t watch that.

The Bachelor: Why not?

Me: Because it makes me ugly cry.

The Bachelor: Yeah…

Me: I can’t watch that with you.

The Bachelor: Maybe I want to see you cry.

Um, WHAT?!?!

Because I am apparently spineless, I agreed to watch it.  But I took some sleepy drugs and passed out before the stampede in the gorge.  The next morning I woke up to get ready for work, didn’t go for my regularly scheduled run, made coffee for both of us and we left together.  I kissed him goodbye and said we’d talk later.


Check back next week for the next installment of The Bachelor where I played piano for him, we had a second run at the fantasy suite and he met my friends.

One comment on “The Bachelor: Thanksgiving Texts and The Reunion

  1. Ben Cotton
    February 2, 2015

    See? Ugly cry is an appropriate response. My daughter laughs during the stampede scene. I hope she grows out of that soon.


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