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The Bachelor: The smack and The Happy Hour Date

Previously on The Bachelor… we had gone to an open mic night, he had volunteered his Saturday night to care for me while I was feeling sick, and requested to see me again the following day.

So the next day – Sunday – he came by around 6pm, brought his guitar and a bottle of Tito’s vodka.  I know I sound like an alcoholic, but the true way to my heart isn’t with flowers or chocolates; it’s found at the bottom of a bottle.

He told me that he needed to “practice” some songs for a show he was playing for some friends of work friends during the upcoming week.  He played five or six original songs, which I mentioned in my blog post about Date Uno are all pretty depressing and kind of meh…

I should point out that I’m being hard on him.  It’s hard to write songs and it takes a lot of emotion to write well.  That said, I’m partial to deeper voices and less “slit-my-wrists” songs.  I’m also averse to the tortured artist persona.


This is so wrong…and also funny

So anyways, he played while I drank vodka on the rocks and cuddled with my dog on the couch.  Then he got bored and asked if he could play my piano which I allowed.  When he got bored of that, he sat down on my couch and suggested we order in sushi.  Which we did.  We then curled up on the couch and started watching my DVR.  I had two things recorded that I wanted to watch: a thing about Unbroken (the movie) and a couple episodes of Jeopardy!  He chose Jeopardy.

For about a minute.

Then he turned it off because “it’s annoying to listen to you answer all the questions.”  I was a little put off by that response, but I figured that everyone has their little quirks (like how I don’t like being told what to do,) and turned on the Unbroken special instead.

For about a minute.

He turned it off because “I didn’t read the book… and I don’t care about the movie.  So it’s stupid for me to watch this.”  So I turned on Netflix and let him chose a movie.  He chose The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Great choice, actually.

A few vodkas later we were making out on the couch.  When I got up to grab another glass he smacked my ass.  Not a cute tap.  Not a hard “shit’s about to go down in the bedroom” smack.  It was an awkward mid-level smack that made me stop in my tracks.

Me: Um.  What was that about?

The Bachelor: When I like something, I touch it.  Or smack it.

Me: You trying to move things along here? (said with a smile and a wink)

The Bachelor: Nope.  Just doing what I felt like doing.

I went to get my drink and then came back to make out some more when he did it again.  I laughed uncomfortably, unintentionally, so he asked what I found funny.  I told him that his half-smack felt awkward and that it doesn’t feel good or particularly playful.  His response?

You know you like it.

I have a lot to say about that response, but let’s table that for later.

We eventually moved things to the bedroom where we fooled around, but nothing serious happened.  As the night grew later, I told him I was tired and then fought him to get him to leave so I could go to sleep.

Me: I’m so tired.  I’m sorry.  Can we continue this another day?

The Bachelor: So go to sleep.  I’ll leave once you fall asleep.

Me: You need to leave so that I CAN fall asleep.

The Bachelor: Why?  I’ll lock the door when I leave.

Um… what?


He did finally concede and left me to fall asleep.  The next day he sent me a “good morning” text and asked to make plans with me for the upcoming Wednesday which I accepted.

Then I remembered I had an alumni happy hour event on Wednesday that I wanted to go to, so I invited him to either meet me after or to join me.  He opted to join me.  Which was the right choice.

We hung out with the two people I know in the group (I’m only mildly social sometimes) and drank some 1/2 priced beverages.  When the happy hour ended, we went next door for dinner.  During dinner I found out some interesting things about our suitor: he lives at home to help care for family; he doesn’t like to watch Jeopardy with me; he thinks I need to watch horror movies even though I don’t like them – because I do like them, I just don’t know it yet; he loves to go fishing.

He drove me back home, dropped me at my walkway and kissed me goodnight.  We didn’t make solid plans for our next date because I was headed out of town two days later for Thanksgiving.  But we kept in touch over the time apart.


Oh, Ginger McGingeryface…

Come back next week to find out how well we kept in contact over Thanksgiving, the reunion date and the next big night in.

4 comments on “The Bachelor: The smack and The Happy Hour Date

  1. divorcedandsingleblog
    January 26, 2015

    uhmm…this guy sounds like a total ass…sorry..


    • Deborah Ilene
      January 26, 2015

      Dont apologize. Just wait for more story to see how it turns out. 🙂


  2. Anastasia
    January 30, 2015

    You are a very good writer. And I gather you two broke up


    • Deborah Ilene
      January 30, 2015

      Thank you!! More of the story happens every Monday until the story is over. And you’ll just have to see if the story ends how you think it does. 🙂


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