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The Bachelor: Open Mic and The Caregiver

Previously on The Bachelor… The Bachelor had taken me to sushi and the beach for our first date.  We drank wine and played/sang music on the deserted beach under the clearest sky and the largest full moon.  He walked me to my car, kissed me goodnight, and texted me by the time I got home to make plans for date number two…

My weekend was spoken for already and I had plans for Monday and Tuesday, so I told him I was available either Wednesday evening (after my doctor appointment) or Thursday (one full week away from date one.)  He said he’d prefer Wednesday as there was an open mic night to which he wanted to take me.

We continued to be in contact through the week, and when Wednesday rolled around, he texted me (in the middle of my doctor appointment) asking when I would be available and if I had eaten or would want to get food.  I had already eaten, so I suggested he pick me up at 8 (when I would be home with enough time to change and freshen up) and we’d go to the open mic thing.


At 8pm he texted to let me know he was on his way, and then texted me when he arrived.  We went to this open mic thing, drank a few too many craft beers, went home, he kissed me goodnight and dropped me at the walkway to my house.  The date itself was fine.  Most of the musicians were borderline depressingly bad.  The comedians were not my brand of funny, though apparently his, and when we did talk, it was about music and his involvement in music.

I began to suspect he was a bit too one-sided for me, or that we had nothing in common, but I wasn’t throwing in the towel.  Being in a good/healthy relationship means growing together and learning from each other.  Differences are good!

Before he dropped me off he asked what I was doing the upcoming weekend.  I had plans on Saturday, but I told him I was available Sunday afternoon.  He said he’d plan on seeing me then.

Saturday I went with a group of friends to tailgate a college football game when I suddenly started feeling very ill.  The details aren’t particularly important, but I ended up taking an Uber back to my house.  While in the Uber, The Bachelor texted me to see how my day was going.  I told him a little bit about the situation and he jumped at the chance to be my knight in shining armor.  He offered to bring me soup, food, drinks, movies, basically he offered everything except his kidney.  He also offered to leave me alone if I just needed to relax.

When I got home I medicated myself effectively and curled up on the couch for a night of TV and Netflix when he called and asked if he could come over because he was worried about me.  I accepted the offer.  He arrived a short time later with a smile and a bottle of scotch – swoon – which we drank while watching a movie.


Just shut up and get in my mouth


This is when the first issue arose: he demanded I give him a kiss.  Literally demanded it.  I smiled and calmly explained to him that one of my little quirks is that I do not like being told what to do when it relates to my physical being.  If he wouldn’t mind throwing a question word at the beginning of that sentence in the future, I’d really appreciate it.  He agreed, proceeded to say “how about you come over here so I can kiss you?” and we moved on happily.

I started to get very groggy (from all the medicines and scotch combo) so I mentioned that I was going to put myself in bed for the night – my body probably needed the rest – and he got up to leave.

I then learned something about him: he is the WORST at leaving.  He will talk, discuss, banter, hug, kiss, basically do anything to avoid leaving, apparently.  So while he is kissing me good-bye, I am literally doing everything in my power to hold myself up and not crumble to the floor (again, because of the meds and scotch combo.)  When he finally goes for the door he asks if he can see me the next night.  “I know it’s really soon and also very last minute, but we did have plans for tomorrow and I’d like to keep seeing more of you.”

All together now: awwwww!


Thorny little suckers…

And that is all for this week’s episode of The Bachelor.  Come back next week for the “Guitar and Piano Playing” date, the smack heard round the apartment complex, and the happy hour date.


3 comments on “The Bachelor: Open Mic and The Caregiver

  1. divorcedandsingleblog
    January 20, 2015

    aww they guy just likes you a lot, that’s all. He might be very good at leaving, but he just didn’t want to leave YOU. Give him a chance. He sounds sweet.


  2. maurnas
    January 21, 2015

    I think having the same sense of humor is important. Or maybe that’s just because mine is so weird.


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