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The Bachelor: Beach One-on-One Date

Previously on The Bachelor, I had met a gentleman at a bar.  After much patience, he gave me his number and we texted.  We had planned a date for the following Thursday.  Read on to see what happened next…

We had only made half-assed plans for Thursday.  I knew we were going to see each other on Thursday after work, but that was the full extent of it.  We texted each day about unrelated things.  On Thursday he texted me about 6pm.  He suggested we grab food and we decided on sushi.  He chose the restaurant and gave me the address and basic directions.  We were meeting at 7:30pm.

I parked my car and walked up to the restaurant (which was situated two store fronts and one side street away from the ocean.)  We went into the small restaurant and sat down at little plastic tables and chairs.  We ordered some Japanese beers (I had 2 in the time he took to drink one, but whatever.  Don’t judge me!) and 3 sushi rolls, two of which we then split.  We talked while the food was being prepared.  We talked about his job a lot.  We talked about his life path (school, moving to other states, moving back,) and his goals and plans.  We didn’t talk about me very much, but I was really okay with that.  I have this nasty habit of babbling when I first meet people.  I’ll end up telling guys about my sister’s kids and my ex-boyfriend before they even know what I do for a living.


Oh… My… Shut up and get in my mouth!


If you’ve ever gone out for sushi, you know it really doesn’t take very long (unless you get an appetizer and some a lot of sake) so when we had finished our food, The Bachelor asked me if I had plans for the rest of the night or if I wanted to hang out more.  I chose the latter.

We walked to his car to drop off his leftover sushi (really?  Who doesn’t finish sushi?)  While there, he grabbed his guitar yes, really and a bottle of port wine again, yes, really and we walked the block to the beach.


We sat down on the sand with no one around us for miles, on an extremely clear night with miles of ocean in front of us and a full moon.  It was a perfect 70ish degrees out and lightly breezy.  We drank wine from the bottle.  He played guitar.  Mostly he played original songs creative, I guess, but meh…. and some Radiohead Awesome! and I sang along with what I could.  We chatted more about music, stories behind the songs he had written all depressing, actually and how long we’d each been playing our respective instruments.  In telling of this part of the story to my friends, we realized that this date could have been scripted for an episode of The Bachelor…hence the nickname.

He kissed me.  It was very sweet.  There was some VERY light making out.  We listened to Pandora a little bit and then walked to our cars.  We kissed again at the car and said good night.  Or rather “to be continued.”

He then gave me the one-on-one date rose and I left.

When I got home I saw I had a text from The Bachelor thanking me for the fun night out and asking me out for the following week.


Will you accept this rose?


Next week, on The Bachelor: Dates two and three and the awkward touching.


2 comments on “The Bachelor: Beach One-on-One Date

  1. divorcedandsingleblog
    January 12, 2015

    I always wanted a guy who could play a guitar…


  2. maurnas
    January 21, 2015

    I want sushi so bad right now. And I have a rule about not dating musicians, or athletes, or actors. I’m sure there are more.


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