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The Bachelor: A Singing Meeting

If you’ll recall from a few posts back, I had stated I was dating a guy and was happy about it.  I casually mentioned that I’d be happy to blog about him once he either gave me the go-ahead, or was no longer part of my life.  Well one of those happened!  Enjoy this post (and the others I will be writing about him) to find out all about it.

A few months ago I made an impromptu plan with my friend to go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and drink far too many margaritas.  After we completed that task, we decided to head to the beach bars and see what kind of trouble we could get into.

We decided to go to this borderline hole in the wall for jello shots (always a good bad call) and beers.  There was a band setting up, but at this point we were 2 of the only 4 patrons at this little bar.  We chatted away with the band as they set up because, honestly, there wasn’t much else to do.  People began trickling in once they started their first set.


These look way cute and are MUCH higher quality than the shots we had at this bar.

We made friends with (or maybe they were friends of my friend?) a couple people and – as one is wont to do – consumed a shot or eight.  This, naturally, gave me the courage to attack the band during their set break.

Me: Hey.  You guys are very good.

Band Dude: Thank you.

Me: So I have a question.

Band Dude: Uh oh.  [laughing] Ok.  Go for it.

Me: What are the chances you’ll let me sing with you?

Band Dude: Depends.  Can you sing?

I assured him that I can, in fact, sing.  And that I do not, in fact, suck.  I also offered to pay them (or rather, put money in their tip jar) for letting me usurp some of their time.  They yielded to me and we began listing songs that they could play and I knew the words to – mind you, this is not karaoke and I would not have the words in front of me.  After much discussion and debate, we landed on an acoustic version of Valerie by Amy Winehouse.  It was the first song performed in their second set and I was a bit nervous, but also excited intoxicated, so I was ready.  I managed to pull it off pretty well in spite of forgetting one line in the second verse.  There may or may not be video evidence of this.


Small and blurry, but there I am…


When I was done, I learned something interesting: I became a dick magnet.  When I walked back toward my friend and my drink, I was accosted by 4 guys.  While I was talking to one, another would just start dancing/grinding on me leaving me to plead to Guy 1: Okay, I guess I am dancing now…sorry.  As I got interrupted back and forth, 3 of the 4 guys disappeared, leaving only one: The Bachelor.

The Bachelor talked to me for the remainder of the night.  To be honest, I can’t recall a damn word that was said within our obviously riveting conversation, but I do remember him asking me if I was single technically, yes and if I’d like to go out sometime Yes.  I would.  So he gave me his card (Yes, his business card) and, apparently, kissed me before leaving.

Two days later I was feeling a bit down and cast aside by another guy, so I decided to text the number on his business card in hopes that it was a cell phone and not a business phone.  We chatted away for a few hours when he finally asked if I’d like to get together later that week.  The Bachelor and I settled on dinner and drinks on the upcoming Thursday night.  What happened next is the reason for his nickname.  Hope you’re ready.



3 comments on “The Bachelor: A Singing Meeting

  1. Sandra
    January 5, 2015

    Oh the trouble you and I could get into if I was younger and carefree! These shenanigans you speak of sound like a song I used to know by heart. And BTW, Amy Winehouse, nice touch!


    • Deborah Ilene
      January 7, 2015

      Kindred spirits, you and I. I knew that as soon as I saw your photography. Thanks for appreciating my song choice.


  2. maurnas
    January 21, 2015

    I’m proud of you for getting up there and singing. I love that song.


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