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Life Moves Pretty Fast…

… If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller

I love this shot and, yet, I dislike that museum...

I love this shot and, yet, I dislike that museum…

Did you realize we are a short 2.5 days away from Twenty Fifteen?

Another year.

The Earth has traveled nearly an entire orbit around the sun since we last sipped champagne, sang Auld Lang Syne (which I don’t think anyone actually sings,) and resolved to do shit to which we most likely did not adhere.

363 days have happened.


Thank You, Jonathan Larson.

Last year I wrote this post about my previous New Year’s Eve’s and my plans for ringing in 2014.

I’m happy to report that I did succeed in my New Years Resolution of running quarterly 5Ks.  I ran 5 actually.  I ran a Color Vibe, 2 Bacon Races, a Muttsquerade, and a “Cousin’s 5k” where Max and I created our own 5K benefiting Alzheimer’s Association because there weren’t any charitable 5Ks happening while he was here.  I also achieved a secondary goal of running a 5K in fewer than 30 minutes, which I finally achieved during our Cousin’s 5K.

This year, I’ll be ringing in the new year with friends at a house party again.  Different house.  Some different friends.  Some the same.  The idea is the same though: celebrate the year that has passed and look forward to the year ahead.

Here are some things that happened during 2014 that I may have missed by not looking around…

I online dated for the first time in five years.

I vowed to never online date again for at least another five years… if ever.

I fine-tuned my negotiation skills on my lease and my cable/internet services.

I taught my dog the meaning of Passover with a two-person seder which I made from scratch.

I celebrated my 1-year at my job and got more job responsibilities.

I became friends with some of the most important people in my life, to date.

I turned 29.

I went to two of my best friends’ weddings.  And cried at both.

I explored some new cities: Jacksonville, Atlanta, Naples, Orlando…

I went to Homecoming at Purdue (and stepped foot on campus for the first time in 8 years.)

I said goodbye to someone I love, and not because they died, but because I knew I couldn’t have them in my life anymore.

I sought some assistance getting through the hard parts.

I spent (never enough) time with my family.

I fostered a cat and found her a forever home.  And I cried.

Gizmo became a therapy dog and got a job at a nearby healthcare facility for the elderly.

I had a few visitors and I’ve visited a few people.

I smiled a lot.

I laughed a lot.

I cried a little.

I grew a lot.

So what did you forget to look around and see that you did in 2014?  What are you looking forward to in 2015?  AND WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION – and can I steal it for myself?


4 comments on “Life Moves Pretty Fast…

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat
    December 29, 2014

    Here’s an interesting addition to your Ferris homage. The music that is playing during this scene is an instrumental cover of the Smiths’ song: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.
    Sounds like a New Year’s Wish to me.


    • Ann St. Vincent
      December 29, 2014

      I had totally forgotten about that cover, but it’s wonderful. I listened to “Danke Schoen” today and I can’t hear that song without thinking about Ferris.


    • Deborah Ilene
      December 30, 2014

      My playlists thank you for that. I agree, very forward thinking.


  2. maurnas
    January 21, 2015

    My only New Year’s Resolutions are to have more sex and alcohol this year. I think I’ve already done the sex part for this year. Which is sad.


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