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Monday Morning Apologies


I don’t know why, but this made me giggle a LOT.

Things I am sorry for:

I am sorry that I changed positions at work.  I’m sorry because this means that I am not only training someone to take over my position (and apparently, I’m not doing that well at it,) I am also training for my new position which affords me a lot less time to pre-type up blog posts for future days.

I am sorry that I’ve been happily dating someone who has given me very little to write about related to negative/funny/absurd dating stories.  I am also sorry that I am not yet at a point in dating him that I feel comfortable telling you funny/positive/absurd things about dating him.  Once he either (a) acknowledges that this is happening and is not horrified, or (b) he stops being in my life, I promise to update you and share the fun.

I’m sorry that my cousin Max is in town.  Max being here means that all my free time at home with which I would write blog posts is occupied by crazy amounts of fun.  These fun things include, but are not limited to, running a 5k for Alzheimer’s Association in neon along Ocean Ave, eating a marathon brunch (all I can eat, all I can drink, 3+ hours) which leads to a food coma on the couch watching TV, plaid themed bowling night, trivia night, dinner and movie night for Christmas eve, movies and Chinese food for Christmas, boating fun (maybe.)  So yeah, busy.

Things I am not sorry for:

I am not sorry that my new position at work means I get to do more, learn more, grow more, etc.

I am not sorry that I am happily dating someone.

I am not sorry that I’m having super fun with my cousin.

So, to take a phrase from the youths of today:  Sorry, not sorry!  (oh…sorry… hashtag)


One comment on “Monday Morning Apologies

  1. maurnas
    January 21, 2015

    I’m sorry you have less time to blog. But I hope you are liking the new position.


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