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Blank Space – Not The T. Swizzle Song


I have no idea what to write about today.  I could always do a “things I did this weekend” post.  I suppose that’d work out fine.  I mean, I did a bunch of stuff.  I ate, drank, partied, played in a kickball tournament, traded shirts (surprise), Gizmo worked, I watched the boat parade… see?  I did a bunch of stuff this weekend.

Problem is, I have no interest in writing about that.  And right now my brain is missing.

Well, kind of.

It’s there.  Inside my cranium.  Where it belongs.  But it doesn’t want to write.  It doesn’t want to write the next portion of the Dear John stories (read parts one & two here.)  It doesn’t want to bitch about my germs that refuse to go away.  It doesn’t want to tell you the long awaited story about the haunted house I lived in my senior year of college.  It doesn’t want to tell you about my kickball tournament or my girls team that has merged with another and having WAY too much fun choosing a new team name.

Because my brain is super occupied.

My brain can think of nothing other than this pretty great human being.

And it’s really hard to rant, share, tell you stories when my brain is occupied.

So you are going to get stuck with a few bullet points about my weekend and you’re going to have to be okay with that for now.  Sorry.

– I played in a kickball charity tournament where we lost all of our games, but easily had more fun on the field (and the sidelines) than any other team.

– I traded shirts with a random human at the bar who told me “You’re much smaller than I thought you were.  This is very tight on me.” which may have been a fantastic compliment.

– I rode my bike to my friends house to watch the Christmas Boat Parade and love love LOVED a company who decorated their boat like the Addams Family house and played the theme song the entire time.  They have sold me on their product – though I don’t need it.  So P.S.A if you ever have roofing needs (not roofie needs, that’s horrible!) please call Allied Roofing.  They’re amazing.



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