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My favorite building in the world


You may have noticed last week that I had two fabulous guests post on my blog in my absence.  Both Chrissy and Maurna shared incredible stories that made me laugh and smile.

I hope to whatever you people pray to that you appreciate them as much as I do and showed them all the love in the world by following their blogs!

And where was yours truly?  In Chicago, of course!

As has become Thanksgiving tradition in my family, my parents (who no longer live in Illinois) and I fly into the city to converge with my siblings and their respective families for 4-10 days of family filled fun, food, fighting and frustration.  It’s perfect.

Things that happened while I was away from you lovelies:

(1) Upon landing in the best city in the world, I went to a gym and got a week pass.  I got my sister to join me many of the days of the week for running (walking/ellipticalling on her part.)  I’m not including my sister in this statement, but former fat kids can’t afford to take a week off just because it’s vacation.  Plus, it’s good for my mental health…which is good considering…
(2) My original plan to drive down and visit someone got cancelled last minute and it totally bummed me out.
(3) Instead, I held on to my rental car plans and drove out to the suburbs to see some friends I don’t usually get to see when I’m in town.  This included meeting my friends baby (and husband!), seeing my sorority big sister and spending some time with one of my best friends (and her family) at her childhood home where I had spent bunches of time before we all moved away.  Also, I got to have lunch with Quirky Chrissy next to a couple I thought was on an “it’s just lunch” date.
(4) My niece became a Bat Mitzvah!  We went and watched her become a woman (in the Judaic sense) and were super proud!  After we went bowling and spent time together as a family to celebrate her achievement.
(5) I shared 2 bottles of Prosecco (which means we each drank a full bottle) at a wine bar with Erin and then promptly decided 2:00am breakfast at the diner down the street was required.
(6) Got stuck in the traffic created by security measures on the highway for the President’s motorcade to get to the airport.  For 2.5 hours.  After drinking coffee.
(7) I cooked.  A lot.  I cooked dinner a night or two.  I also cooked Thanksgiving (mostly.)
(8) Shared a bottle of Champagne (actually champagne, from the region of Champagne) with Erin at the Signature Lounge at the top of The Hancock Tower and watched the clouds roll in and cover the Trump building monstrosity… thankfully.  Then got 1:00am tacos.
(9) Had an incredible Thanksgiving with my entire family (minus Gizmo) that was followed by Hanukkah presents (early) and then some fun rounds of Heads Up!
(10) Went to The Bean Cloud Gate with Laura and Erin to sing along with carolers with the best city in the world as our backdrop.  Then we went to an expensive – and delicious – dinner and drinks stop.
(11) Went out with Erin and proceeded to get blackout drunk (which will be an entire second post sometime.)
(12) Spent my last day in town getting coffee and playing cards with my parents, going to  brunch with Erin, my sister and (two tables away) Jonathan Toews, and flying back to Florida (and ran into a friend on the flight.)


How was your Thanksgiving?  Do you live near your family or do you have to travel to see them?  Did you go out for Thanksgiving Eve?  Did you go Black Friday Shopping?  Did you get Black Out Drunk like me?


One comment on “#Thanksgiviberg2014

  1. valerierae84
    December 4, 2014

    Dang. I missed 1am tacos?


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