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We Bought a Goat!

Have you read this post about goats taking over the blogging world?  How about this post that Maurna wrote about goats taking over the blogging world?  Wait, there’s more!  You can also read this post from Leah about the same topic.



I’m sure I’m missing people, but the gist is, people are talking about goats.

They are talking about goats because Aussa is getting married and our brains went into overdrive and we decided to send her goats.  There’s more to it, but you’ll have to click those links for the information.

Well, being the drug addicted, alcoholic, pugilist that I make myself out to be on this blog, I regularly like to try to find ways to claw my way out of the deepest pits of hell.  The pit of hell where people go when they regularly make fun of the way people’s babies look – among other horrible things.

I regularly try to better myself and the world around me.  I donate money all over the place (small amounts, but I still do it.) I donate my time to organizations I am passionate about.  I also make my dog donate his time to the elderly.  You get the idea, right?  I’m not always a horrible human.

Anyway, when Maurna and I began talking about the goating of the bride-to-be an idea popped into my brain.

Actually, Alton Brown popped into my brain.


I recalled him talking about Heifer International on some commercial on The Food Network.  They’re a charitable organization that helps to provide sustainable work/food/farming for families in less fortunate countries.  Before you get all “but there are poor people in our OWN country” on me, please know that (1) I don’t know of a charity that donates livestock to American families, and (2) I already donate to Feeding America, so calm the hell down.

So anyway, I suggested that we donate to Heifer International as a group in the name of Ausex (Aussa and her fiance, Alex.)


People jumped on board and this past Friday, I did the deed.  A goat has been donated to a family in need through Heifer International in the name of Ausex.  And the goat will provide milk, babies, etc etc etc for said family and their community.  And Aussa and Alex have their very own goat (kind of like adopting a Panda in China or owning a star.)


This is fucking adorable…

This is where I say a HUGE thank you to the people who expressed interest, shared the idea with others, and (of course) donated to the cause so I wasn’t footing the bill myself.

If you want to donate to this cause in the name of Ausex, please let me know.  There are plenty of opportunities to help!!!


9 comments on “We Bought a Goat!

  1. militarywiferants
    November 17, 2014

    Maurna and I: Oh my god, we should totally bombard Aussa with an assload of goat plushies, maybe even one that sings about Anal sex! That’s be hilarious!


    You see, this is why I drink 😉

    Overall though, your idea was magnificent. I loved it. I will be donating soon, but my paypal is in my maiden name so they’re like WTF IS YO PROBLEM! And I’m like MY HUSBAND MADE ME CHANGE MY NAME!

    So soon… I might just mail you the money for the goat. I’m getting frustrated. 🙂


    • Deborah Ilene
      November 17, 2014

      You’re welcome to mail it to me. I won’t be mad. I’ll even give you my address and allow you to become a creepy stalker if you’re so inclined. If there’s another email address or something you’d rather me send the request to, I can do that as well.

      And let’s put this out there… I’m TRYING to be a decent human. It doesn’t come naturally. I was “resting-bitch-face-ing” before it had a name.


      • militarywiferants
        November 18, 2014

        Bwahahaha. But you look so sweet in your pictures! Like someone I would just run up to and hug. Then be terrified once you got drunk because usually the sweet girls are batshit once they have a few shots in them :/


  2. Ann St. Vincent
    November 17, 2014

    I was so chuffed to be able to participate in the goat purchase!! Such a fun idea.


    • Deborah Ilene
      November 17, 2014

      I’m just so happy you wanted to be part of it! Buying a goat is better with friends.


      • Ann St. Vincent
        November 17, 2014

        ^^ I can’t say that’s a sentence I have ever typed 🙂


  3. NotAPunkRocker
    November 17, 2014

    You know, I may have to do this for Christmas presents too. It really is a great organization.


    • Deborah Ilene
      November 17, 2014

      I like it a lot. I am sure there’s a big chunk of the profits that go elsewhere (which is always people’s chief complaint about larger charity organizations) but whatever. I know we did a good thing. Good things are good. Even if they’re slightly less good than another thing. Right?

      Did I just tangent? Sorry…


  4. maurnas
    November 18, 2014

    You are sweet and charming and adorable and we donated a goat because of you!


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