…More Than Sweet Potatoes

“Everyone hail to the pumpkin song…”

If you have seen a calendar (and aren’t one of those people whose religious beliefs preclude you from the fun of the holiday,) you know that Halloween is tomorrow.


I saw some people posting on The Facebook and other social media about how children’s costumes have become (1) inappropriate and/or (2) slutty.  Though, I suppose slutty falls under the umbrella of inappropriate.

I agree.  Kids should be adorable things or scary things, but they should be well covered and they should not have drugs or alcohol related to their costumes.  Babies are a different story because no baby is going to understand or care that they are Walter White until they’re old enough to appreciate – which is probably around the time they can also make adult decisions for themselves, like to not become a meth addict or dealer.

Adults tend to slut it up.  I’ve written about this here.  I’ve also talked about Halloween and how my sister employed the “Switch Witch” for my nephew last year (which is brilliant, I think.)

If you click the first link, you can see some of my previous costumes.  I’ve also included a couple on the bottom of this post.

This year, I started planning about 8 months in advance.  I acquired the worlds best and most comfiest “Aztec printed” sweater, PJ pants that look like Zubas, stick on facial hair (which I may not be using, actually,) sunglasses, flip flops, a brazen nihilist attitude (kidding) and a rocks glass ready to be filled with White Russians.  I shall be The Dude.  His Dudeness.  Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

El Duderino

I think a bunch of people will figure it out pretty quickly.  Most won’t.  I actually don’t care at all.  I’ll just reply “I’m just The Dude, man…so that’s like, what you call me.”

What’s your favorite costume of all time?  What are you doing for Halloween this year?  Do you love it or hate it?


Left: Police Officer (with college roommates) – Center: Bacardi Girls – Right: TMNT (obviously)


2 comments on ““Everyone hail to the pumpkin song…”

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    October 30, 2014

    Oh, The Dude would be the best costume. Plus, comfortable!

    I am not doing anything this year, haven’t for a while actually. Have fun!


  2. maurnas
    November 18, 2014

    Where are pics as you of the Dude? I always go as Rosie the Riveter the few times I’ve been invited out. She’s covered, kick ass, pretty, and stands for something I support. Yes, I really am that lame.


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