…More Than Sweet Potatoes

Seeing The World Through Heart Shaped Glasses

I have done many things to aid in my quest of becoming something of a minor celebrity.

I have upped my game on The Twitter.

I have upped my usage of The Instagrams, often tagging and mentioning celebrities who I’m certain never see my posts.

I had great intentions of creating a wikipedia page for myself.  I never did this.  I’d still love to have a wiki page.  If anyone out there wants to create one for me, I would not be mad about it.

I also had wonderful intentions of making an imdb page for my dog, since he’s been on television twice (so far.)  But I also haven’t done that yet.


Yeah, my dog got television eaten by an alligator and television bitten by a snake!

I was going to start an internet rumor that I had sexual relations with a low level celebrity (who is not married and whose life I wouldn’t be ruining.)  I never got around to that either.

I’m not even really a blogging celebrity.  My readership (and comments-ship) is pretty limited to my friends on facebook and 50some of you wonderful people who give me happy smileys on a daily basis.


In spite of all my non-celeb status

I am just like one…

Check it out below and tell me, who wore it better?

(hint, I did.)


Anyone interested in making me into some sort of internet celebrity? Have any suggestions as to how I can go about this?  How anxious are you for my Debbie: Queen of Tinder in Lafayette post that will happen in the next few weeks???

One comment on “Seeing The World Through Heart Shaped Glasses

  1. maurnas
    October 24, 2014

    You are better looking and cooler than those other two also (probably).

    Liked by 1 person

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