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Where The Wabash Spreads It’s Valley…

Trigger warning: This post contains mostly images.  Some of them gorgeous.  Some of them entertaining.  All of them taken from my iphone while at Purdue for #bdaytwinhomecomingtakeover2014

So if you hate pictures, fun, and happiness…. well, you’ve been warned.


As you may have read last Thursday, I spent this past weekend at Purdue University (my alma mater) to assist in fulfilling my “Before 30” bucket list.

I landed on campus early afternoon Friday and (as they say in the biz) that is where the adventure begins…

We staggered around Chauncey Hill, did some light shopping for Purdue swag (photo of which can be found at the end of this post) and ate at Jake’s.  After that, we wandered around our beautiful campus and then split up for a short while.  I then went for a run (what better way to see the majority of your campus than in a speedy game of avoid-the-students?!) and then participated in Eric’s first EVER fountain run.

pictures 1

Left: Jake’s; Right: post-fountain run

After that we cleaned up and began two things that would become themes throughout the entirety of the weekend: drinking records amount of alcohol, and breaking records on tinder.

*Tinder record breaking to be told in a future blog post.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.*

Friday night we went to Nine Irish Brothers. I had never been while in college, but it was delightful.  We sat on the patio, drank a heavy amount, ate some food (due to all the drinking) and hung out with some fellow alumni.  We walked to some other bar as well but I don’t remember what it was called.  I remember I raced Eric to the walking bridge stairs and found some flowers on the ground that I decided to keep for myself.

pictures 4

Left – Stolen Flowers and drunk face; Right – Purdue’s Drum

Saturday morning we got up, went to an alumni breakfast sponsored by the school of Civil Engineering (I think) before going to breakfast club.  For those of you who have never been to Purdue, on game-day, the bars open up, have crazy good specials and are PACKED TO THE WALLS – the fire marshal would be upset – with people dressed in amazing costumes.  We stopped on the way to make sure I got a shot of the house where the majority of my friends lived at one point.  After breakfast club, we changed and went to the game, but not before stopping at my old house (the haunted one I’ve referred to here, and here, and here) and McDonald’s where I got a Happy Meal Toy and make it our game-day mascot.

pictures 2

Left – 314; Middle – Haunted House; Right – Game-day Beetle

Purdue lost to Iowa.  It was depressing.  And you know what you do when your team loses their homecoming game?  You drink more!  So we joined up with Lindsey and Kyle (my friends from Florida) at their tailgate for some delicious food and some booze.

pictures 3

Left – when we still thought we had a chance; Middle – CRACK SALAD (ask me about it.); Right – post-game salvation

We then took naps like the elderly people that we are.  Once we woke up, showered, changed and took more shots of fireball we headed out to dinner and drinks.

Worth noting: Every down moment ended the same way… a shot of fireball and a corona.

We went to DT Kirby’s which was basically the bar from the Da Bears sketch on SNL mixed with the Bill Brasky sketch.  So basically, it was perfect.  Then we went to Lenehan’s where we encountered a wedding party that had left their own reception in favor of bar hopping.  So we crashed their party and hung out a bit.

Sunday we went to breakfast at The Downtowner, where I ate my weight in breakfast food…which was exactly what I needed (plus a huge glass of water and a bloody mary) to make me feel less like cold, hard death.  I blame the at least 7 shots of fireball the night before.

Then I went to Harry’s Chocolate Shop (FINALLY) to drink a green dragon and watch some football.  I can’t even tell you what is in a green dragon, but I can tell you it puts a long island iced tea to shame…and big time.  Of course I had more fireball shots and then headed to the airport to fly back “home.”

pictures 5

Left – Harry’s shirt (I now own a Pink one); Middle – Green Dragon and 312; Right – Exhaustion at the airport

So I’m back, and my liver is on it’s last leg.  Luckily you only need 1/3 of your liver because it can regenerate itself.  I’ll be in full detox mode for a few days.  Water is my new best friend.

Below are some of the fun touristy pictures.  Enjoy!

pictures 6

Left – The Engineering Mall; Middle – Me and Neil Armstrong; Right – Engineering Fountain


All my swag that I bought while there – the Tanks need to be exchanged for a smaller size. The baby sized shirts are for Gizmo.


One comment on “Where The Wabash Spreads It’s Valley…

  1. maurnas
    October 6, 2014

    Aw, all these pictures of you having fun make me miss you so much! We need to plan another adventure.


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