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Squinchy: A Word I Made Up

I should preface this post by telling you (if you don’t follow me on twitter or in real life) that I’ve been feeling very squinchy lately.  If that doesn’t make sense to you (1) you probably need a bit more of me in your life, and (2) don’t worry, I’ll explain it.

Squinchy: n. Skwin-chee.  Having feels without understanding the reasons behind the feels.  This can refer to emotional feels, physical feels, or both.

There.  That should clear it up.

Ugh... this makes me sad still.

Ugh… this makes me sad still.

So let’s play the game of “why so squinchy?”




Yeah, I got nothing.

So instead, I am going to make a list of the things that are greatly influenced by my squinchiness.

(1) I’m going to have to go to hot yoga tonight or go for a crazy long run.  Exercise releases endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.  They just don’t.


(2) Where I’m typically up front about things that hurt my feelings and make me feel unhappy, when I am squinchy I regress to swallowing my feelings and shoving them down as far as I can.  I’m not even passive aggressive.  I’m just passive.

(3) I’m probably going to sever some friendship ties.  Some on purpose.  Some on accident.

As a quick aside, I had decided to end a friendship a while back and recently decided it’d be appropriate to do it in person so the soon-to-be-ex-friend would understand that our friendship had run its course – no fault of either of us – and I’m just not interested in what it is anymore.  The opportunity to do this came up but ever since I didn’t jump up and down over the idea of spending time together (which it seems was what he wanted) he’s been a child and won’t reply to my texts or calls.  So, um…






But, ya know what?  I’ve had a pretty fantastic week.  If you’ll refer back to my definition of squinchy, this should not surprise you.  I’m feeling feels even though I’ve had a great week:

(1) I feel pretty close to finding Tito her forever home.  Of course I’m going to miss her and cry about it, but knowing I am giving her something she’s been missing for at least 4 years… there aren’t many better feelings out there.

(2) I made an important return to Wine Class.  Tuesday Amanda and I made our triumphant return to Whole Foods’ wine class.  Aside from the obnoxious girl who I wanted to stab in the hand with my pen, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the wine, the cheese, and (gasp) the brownie.


This is what my heaven looks like

(3) I woke up a champion today.  The kickball team I’ve been playing on for over 3 months (because of rain-outs…it’s supposed to be an 8 week season) won the championship last night.  It’s a 4-peat and it was a lot of fun.

(4) I have lots to look forward to over the next few weeks.  Including, but not limited to: lobster tail night; BBQ ribs and puppy play date; spending the weekend at convention which means free food and lodging and memories with friends; book club meeting (I’m never going to finish this book as much as I like it); work-best-friend dinner; going out and getting weird with McNugget; Birthday Twin Homecoming Takeover at Purdue; and more…


Its been 6 years. I’m running through that fountain in 15 days, bitches!






So that’s why I’m squinchy.  Because everything has been pretty positive and yet I don’t feel positive.

Anyway… Happy Thursday!


2 comments on “Squinchy: A Word I Made Up

  1. maurnas
    September 23, 2014

    You are awesome enough to have a friend like me; therefore you are awesome. Maybe ever awesome-r than me. Partially by your own awesomeness and partially by being awesome by association.


    • Deborah Ilene
      September 24, 2014

      I prefer being awesome by association. I’m glad you’re so awesome!


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