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Crazy Shit I’ve Seen On The Road

I’ve done some vehicular locomotion in my life time.  Not at all unlike the majority of people who have lived anywhere other than Manhattan and downtown Chicago.  I’ve spent a lot of my time in the car.

My current job is only a couple miles from my house, but in the past I’ve driven upwards of 40 miles one direction for work.

Commuting can be boring.  Commuting can be annoying, and tedious, and drain the life from the very soul of your being.


…and none of them work

That was a bit dramatic…

But sometimes – just sometimes – driving long distances can be fun.  Or at the very least, amusing.

Here are some of those such amusements.

(1) The possibly-drunk driver in Indiana.  My sophomore year of college I went on a spring break trip to *gross* Panama City Beach, FL with two of my friends.  We road-tripped it there stopping over in Nashville each way.  Right when we headed out on our way we found ourselves in front of a white pick up truck with Georgia plates.  He was swerving behind us pretty heavily, and flashing his lights, and honking.  It was a pretty open road, so he finally decided to just go around us.  This, however, didn’t stop his swerving, light flashing and honking.  So I called the cops (while I was sitting in the passenger seat) and we “followed” the guy until the cops came and pulled him over.  It was about 6pm on a Friday evening.  It made the first hour-ish of our ride pretty exciting and it made for a good conversation topic for the next hour or two.


(2) The Buck.  You should know first that when I drove from my house to college, I took 4 major expressways.  There was (and I suppose continues to be) very little off-expressway driving.  One of these expressways is a tollway.  None of it is rural.  One time I was driving back to college and, in front of my 3rd toll booth was a LARGE buck.  So many points on the antlers… so big.  SO DEAD.  Just lying on it’s side in front of the toll booth lanes.  I suppose it can’t have been there long or animal control would have come to get it, right?  Upon further discussion, it was brought to my attention that it probably rolled off someones roof while they were driving it home from hunting.  But at the time I was just super confused.


Does this count as pollution??

(3) The Sky Writer.  A couple years ago I was driving up the Florida Turnpike 30ish miles north for work when I noticed a sky writer.  It was 6 in the morning.  I couldn’t imagine anyone would propose to someone at that time in the sky over the turnpike, but I watched intently none-the-less.  It was religious.  Someone paid [arguably] good money to let the people travelling north on Florida’s Turnpike know that we should “put faith in Jesus.  god is love.”  I admire the dedication, but I’m all set over here…thanks.


I think they’re cute.

(4) The Aldergator.  That means alligator for those of you who don’t know.  Once again I was driving north on the Florida Turnpike when there was a large slow down in speed and a LOT of rubbernecking.  There weren’tany emergency lights or sirens, so I was intrigued.  As I passed the area of interest I saw what looked to be an 8 ft (at least) alligator laying next to the cement median.  I think he was dead because there were two cars (one in front of it and one behind it) with the people outside of the car staring at it.  I know we have alligators here, but how the EFF did it get across 3 lanes of Turnpike traffic!?!

(5) The double pull-over.  While driving north on the same Turnpike, I was 1/4 mile behind an RV that had just finished receiving a ticket of some sort from a police officer.  As I got closer the RV decided to rejoin the travel lanes without signaling or – obviously – even looking to see if there were cars.  The cars from the right lane immediately merged into the center lane while the center-lane-ers merged into the left lane.  No one got hit, but the cop did pull the RV over again.  It was the first (and probably last) time I got to see the same car get pulled over two times in a row.

What is the craziest, weirdest, or most interesting thing you’ve seen while commuting or on a road trip??


One comment on “Crazy Shit I’ve Seen On The Road

  1. Quirky Chrissy
    August 27, 2014

    On my way to GenCon a couple weekends ago, somewhere in Indiana, there was a giant dog poking his head out the sun roof of the car next to me. At 65+ miles an hour. It was…hysterical.


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