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The Bet: Speed Dating

Remember that time someone thought it’d be a good idea to bet me on sports?  It wasn’t.  A good idea, that is.  I have no shame.  I don’t embarrass easily.

I have pretty much nothing to lose.

Actually, I do.  There were some parameters and shot down ideas.  Like shaving heads.  I vetoed the bet where the loser would have to shave their head.  I’d be concerned about losing my job if I came in with a shaved head one day.  And I can’t afford good quality wigs to cover it up during the work day.

I also vetoed getting a tattoo.  You’d have to meet my mother to know this, but getting a tattoo is at the very top of her list of things she doesn’t want me to ever do.  Do I think she’d be okay with it if I actually did it?  Eventually, yeah.  Is it worth the fight?  Absolutely not.


Britney doesn’t pull it off. I wouldn’t either.

So other than that, Zach had free reign to come up with Bet Numero Dos.

You may recall from THIS POST that Bet One was about a shirt.  I had (mostly) come up with that bet, so Zach got bet 2.  We alternated so I got 3 and 5 while he also got 4.  If there had been a 6th game, he would have chosen the terms for that bet as well.

Zach’s bet for game 2: The loser has to go speed dating in an outfit chosen by the winner.

Yeah.  He went there.

I agreed while maintaining a level of concern related to what the fuck I’d be wearing if I lost.  A bikini?  A blanket?  A towel?  A formal ball gown?  The options were endless.


Look at how nicely they’re both dressed…

But wait, what if I won?  What would Zach have to wear?  A tuxedo t-shirt?  Pajamas?  A dress?  A giraffe costume that I own?  All of these ideas flooded my thoughts and an evil smirk immediately crossed my face.  This could be a LOT of fun.

I spent days discussing this with a friend or two.  I bounced ideas off of them and fielded all kinds of questions.  The biggest one: Could I tell the speed dating people that I was wearing [insert awkward outfit here] because I lost a bet?

I asked myself that question, too.

But only in my head.

Here’s why:

If I ask, there’s a chance Zach says no, I cannot.  If I don’t ask, I can pull plausible deniability.



Well, as expected (by me,) The Los Angeles Kings won game 2, making the New York Rangers – and by extension, Zach – the loser.  It was time to go shopping!

I graciously accepted the responsibility of finding a Groupon for speed dating and giving him the choice of location and dates for bet completion.  Then I went to The Good Will.

$7 later I left with a purple and black, EXTRA LARGE, 90s style track suit and a purple flat brimmed had.  Grimace was going to go speed dating and I couldn’t have been happier.


Date me, bitches!

Zach was an amazing sport even though he was VERY CLEARLY not happy about dressing up as a McDonald’s character and presenting himself to local single ladies.

While Zach speed dated his little heart out, P-Diddy and I had happy hour and dinner at the same restaurant so we could creepily watch him slay women left and right.  Which he did, in spite of his Barney the Hockey Loser costume.


I’m really NOT a nice girl.

There’s something to be said
for owning it and delivering it…

…and never making bets with me.




For those of you who don’t follow hockey, the Kings won the Stanley Cup in 5 games… so you’ll be happy to know there are still 3 more bets that were wagered and won/lost.

I’ll link the rest of the posts about the other bets when they’re completed.

All of them.

Even the one I lost… because I’m fair like that.

The Bet: The Shirt.

What’s the most fun/interesting thing you’ve ever won through a bet?  What’s the worst thing you’ve lost due to a bet?

**Names and faces may have been altered…

2 comments on “The Bet: Speed Dating

  1. maurnas
    August 21, 2014

    But what we all want to know is if he was successful in his speed dating endeavors.


    • Deborah Ilene
      August 25, 2014

      He wrote on his paper that he didn’t want to get to know any one better. Half of the girls there wanted to get to know him…so I guess it didn’t ruin his chances of getting laid. That’s actually VERY impressive if you ask me.


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