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Why, You May Ask?

I’m late to this party, but that’s by design.  Tardy for the party.  Or fashionably late.  However you want to put it, I decided to wait a few weeks after the onslaught of Feminism posts, tweets, and rants.  I didn’t want to seem trendy.  Or reactive.  Or active, even.  I didn’t want to seem anything.

Why, you may ask?

Because no one asked me what I thought.  No one offered me a reason to tell you what I think about feminism.


So here’s where I’ll start.  I belong knocked up in a kitchen where I will cook a well rounded meal for my husband and 2 elder children when they get home from work and school, respectively.

But I’m not there.  I’m not knocked up.  I’m not even married.  And I’m certainly not in a kitchen right now.

Why, you may ask?

Because no one asked me to do those things, yet.  I haven’t been proposed to.  No one asked me to be their housewife.

vintage housewife

So here’s where I’ll look inside.  What am I putting out there?  Do I come across as attractive enough?  Do I elude the correct level of confidence to imply I’d be worth wife-ing while still being damsel-in-distress enough for someone to want to save me?  Do I wear enough make up?  Do I wear clothing best fitted to my assets?

I do not meet all of those pre-requisitions.

Why, you may ask?

Because I wasn’t aware that’s was my purpose.  My purpose is to make the men in my life happy.  My purpose is to make all men happy.

So here’s where I’ll look outside to how I should be.  I should be easier.  I should be more open to the advances of men.  I should be friendlier.  I should be more appreciative.  I should be skinnier.  I should push up my boobs so they’re perkier.  I should grow my hair out.  I should dress nicer; sexier.  I should have had fewer sexual partners, but I should let all men ogle and fondle me when they see fit.


But I’m not doing what I should be.

Why, you may ask?

Easy: because I’m a human being.

With my own thoughts.

With my own opinions.

With free will.


Because I didn’t feel like sharing what I thought – whether or not someone asked me.  Because I’m not even sure I EVER want to get married and have kids – whether or not the offer has been made.  Because that is NOT my purpose.  Everything I just wrote was a lie.  It was stereotypical.  It was tongue-in-cheek.

I’m a feminist.  I’m a masculist.

Yes, I know that isn’t actually a word.  It should be.  But you know what?

We should all be humanists.

I’m not going to tell men to stop cat-calling ladies on the street.  I’m not going to tell men to stop making advances at women.  I’m not going to tell men to stop staring at my boobs.  You have free will.  You’re free to do whatever you think is right at the time – whether or not I agree with your thoughts and behaviors.  But I AM allowed to ignore you.  I AM allowed to tell you to go fuck yourself.  I AM allowed to walk away.

It doesn’t make me a bitch.

It doesn’t make me a prude.

It doesn’t make me a lesbian (and for heaven’s sake, stop saying this like it’s a bad thing!)

It makes me a human with free will.


It is the opinion of this girl that each person (and animals, but I’m a bleeding heart animal lover) deserves the exact same amount of consideration.  This doesn’t mean you have to think that every woman is just as wonderful as every man, but it does mean that you take the time to consider her just as you would anyone else.  No one gender, race, or species is universally better or worse than the other.  There are great women.  There are great men.  There are great dogs.  There are great dinosaurs (probably.)  There are also shitty women.  Shitty men.  Shitty dogs.  Shitty Dinosaurs (probably.)


I’m GREAT. Don’t you forget that.

The difference between the great and shitty ones?

How they use the free will they innately have inside themselves.

So my call to action isn’t about being better to women.  It’s not to suggest you listen to every single persons story about degradation (and yes, this applies to all genders, races, and species.)  It’s not to pay people equally – though depending on experience, I think you should.  It’s not to change what you want to do.

My call to action is to ask you (every single one of you – the proverbial you) to allow me (the proverbial me) the free will to do what I want to do.  Allow me to be as human as you allow yourself.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a career, loose fitting clothes, flip flops, a messy bun, a drive-thru dinner, and opinions to tend to.

Why, you may ask?

Because I feel like it.  THAT’s why.


2 comments on “Why, You May Ask?

  1. maurnas
    August 21, 2014

    There are no shitty dinosaurs. They were all polite and respectful. That’s what got them killed by Steven Spielberg.


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