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My Morning Roller coaster

In case you guys hadn’t figured it out by now, I get a lot of my blogging ideas from Aussa Lorens: Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy.  A few weeks ago she was prompted to blog about her first hour of her day (I think at work.)  She included doodles and drawings and I went SQUEE!!!!  It seems she took the idea from here. (I’m huge on giving credit where credit is to, yo.)

Learning moment: I am a MASTER of Microsoft Paint.  I learned, however, that my doodles don’t hold a candle to my MS Paint skills.

photo (2)

Microsoft Paint level: EXPERT                                           (It’s a Pterodactyl fighting a Juiced-up Chimp, in case that wasn’t 1000% clear, which I think it was.)

I can’t offer pushing fun crazy buttons, a boss who is concerned about my physical health, or any sort of thought processes at all (it was much too early for that crap.)  That said, I can give you two hours of my morning – I cheated a little – and give you a ride on today’s roller coaster.

Note: I JUST learned that roller coaster is, in fact, two words.
I always thought it was just one…

Anyhow, this morning was a running morning, so I couldn’t consolidate this to one hour.  I got up at 5:45 a.m. to the tune of my alarm clock.  I hit snooze twice, but still got up in time to walk the dog, feed him, feed myself and allow it to digest, and head out for a run.

6:30 a.m.: I went for a run; 2.5miles; Not as fast as wanted, but even walking is better than doing nothing, so I’ll take it and be happy.  I sang along out-loud to Florence + The Machine while birds chirped around me.  I smiled for a good chunk of my run, but then exhaustion kicked in.  I forced myself through the rest of the run but then I flopped down on my bed.  Ten minutes later, when I had finally cooled down, I got up from my bed where there was now a human shaped sweat spot and got in the shower.  Ooh la la!  Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?


7:45 a.m.: I walked into the kitchen to put together my lunch for my work day where the foster cat – Tito – was meowing at me loudly (probably because I hadn’t fed him yet… I’m a shitty cat-foster parent.)  I took out my crock-pot meal of pot roast and spooned some into a tupperware for work. Then, as I turned around, it was as if I had stepped on a wet bar of soap.  I went sliding across the  kitchen floor and, in a feat of acrobatic wonder, somehow did not fall.  I looked down to see a half-dried puddle of what I can only assume was cat piss.  Less than thrilled, I cleaned up with pee cleaner, vinegar and clorox wipes.  I’ll never be as thankful for shoes as I was in that moment.  Cue Jimmy Fallon thank-you-note-writing-music: THANK YOU, SHOES, FOR EXISTING AND PREVENTING ME FROM PUTTING MY BARE FOOT IN CAT PEE.


8:15 a.m.: After cleaning up the assumptive cat piss, I grabbed my lunch, my purse and headed into work for what I had assumed would be a normal, everyday kind of day.

I don’t have quite the kind of exciting job where crazy or interesting things happen every day.  I have a normal desk job that I like, but it doesn’t lend itself to wonderful stories that often…

8:45 a.m.: I was sent downstairs to our warehouse to inspect 10 boxes of product and make sure it looks damaged before the vendor comes to pick them up.  Note: The product WAS damaged, but we needed to make sure the outer boxes reflected that.  So I dropped the boxes from at least 5ft up in the air and had them land on the corner of a pallet.  But the REAL fun?  I  chose this opportunity of freedom and creativity to walk and jump on the boxes.  It was, quite possibly, the most fun I’ve had at work in a while.


So let’s keep this going.  Aussa asked if there were any redeeming facts about one of the worst days of the week: Wednesday.  Did you get to push any fun buttons today?  Jump on boxes?  Climb pallets and racks?  Let’s make this a thing.  YOUR TURN!


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