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#BlogHer14: We Didn’t Go

You may or may not know (and if you don’t, you should read my blog posts more often) that I had been in quite the little funk a couple weeks ago.  But I followed doctors orders and got the hell out of town for the weekend.

Gizmo joined me.

photo 2 (2)

King of the Pool….

First I went to a little suburb on the west side of Orlando to spend a day and a half with my former roommate – Katy.  I rode a mechanical bull, I sang karaoke, she got a tattoo, we floated around in the pool for hours, we went to dinner and we had deep conversations.  It started me on my little “healing” weekend quite perfectly.

That Sunday I traveled a bit north of Orlando to visit Maurna.  She took me all around her world.  We had a delicious breakfast and lunch, and went to see her childhood home (which is in the cutest little section of town.)  We went to the Morse Museum and ogled really cool stained glass work.  I got a pack of magnets as a souvenir.  We also took Gizmo to a Spiritualist town where he got his pet aura read and I too had a psychic reading.

  • Gizmo is a teacher/healer
  • He doesn’t realize he is a dog
  • He has lived in 3 homes but considers my home his permanent forever home
  • I apparently am going to leave my mark on the world via my writing
  • I need to learn to allow myself to be open without being gullible and stop shutting people out of my emotional side
  • other things that were super generic and silly sounding…

I got to see a lot of Maurna’s crafts and creations.  She’s incredibly talented, you guys.  Like, for real.  Browse and buy her things.

photo (1)

Seahorse in the Gumbo Limbo educational center

Yesterday, Maurna came to visit me!!  Due to a vehicle concern, she came a little later than originally planned, but we had an AWESOME day.  We went to eat then went to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.  Then we watched Blue Planet or something on Netflix which was entirely gross and creepy and amazing.  I now know exactly what happens to whales when they die…and how it happens…and I’ve seen it.

photo 4

Selfie with the Intracoastal in the background

Then we BBQ’d with my neighbors before calling it a night.

She would never agree with this assessment, but Maurna is super cool.  I like being around her because I can be a child (at museums and the like,) watch super gross but interesting things on TV, and pretend to be a grown up…and she still wants to be my friend.

So neither of us spent our week/weekend at BlogHer14 – though we both really want to and are already planning for next year – but we did get to hang out with fellow bloggers (each other) and have a really fun time.

photo 3

I can’t not love this. I want to go sit there right now.

Okay, make me jealous as hell and tell me how BlogHer14 was.  Just do it.  Like a band-aid.  I’m ready.


One comment on “#BlogHer14: We Didn’t Go

  1. maurnas
    July 30, 2014

    I had such a great time with you! And we are going to go to BlogHer next year. I am glowing with hard cherry cider and your compliments.


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