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Whatcha Know ‘Bout Me?

I was prompted and tagged by Maurna over at Cursitivity to do this “About me” kind of deal.

She was prompted by Jana at Stop Me If I Told You this… So I suppose this post is a prompt from a prompt that will also be a prompt.  Is this anything like Inception?  I haven’t seen it.

I know, I know….

What am I working on at the moment?

As far as writing is concerned, just this blog.  This blog has gone through a number of transformations and changes over the 5 years I’ve been utilizing it as an outlet, but I prefer it in its current form.  There’s something wonderful about using my blogging friends’ posts and my often cloudy memory to retell a story about my past, both distant and recent.  That said, it’s also quite nice to look at my personal transformation through the 5 years of blog posts.


I’m a bird! SAY I’M A BIRD!

Outside of the blog (and therefore, outside of writing) I’m working on some paintings, some home decor and some personal stuff.  My need to make changes is screaming at me from the deepest pits of my soul and I think I may have to feed it before it devours me whole.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

My blog and my writing may not be all that different from yours, or yours, or even YOURS.  And guess what?  That’s fully intentional.  I have received compliments over the years about my writing and the one thing that reigns supreme is that I write the way I speak.  Every English teacher, every standardized test, and every friend has said this to my face (or in writing.)  This isn’t always positive (as is the case with a standardized test… I didn’t deserve a 3/6 on the GRE writing portion… I didn’t!!!)  But it is a constant.  I’d like to use this “negative” as a way to connect with all the kind and lovely people who spend their time reading my wordy words.  My stories may be different.  I may not have gone through any of your struggles.  I may not know anything about your stuff.  My hopes, dreams, and aspirations may not match up with yours, but I hope you always hear them in my voice – whether or not you’ve ever heard it in real life – and feel like a friend is just filling you in.  Don’t read my blog.  Hear my stories.


Incidentally, apparently when I talk I sound like Drew Barrymore (minus the slight lisp)

Why do I write what I do?

Honestly I think it’s two-fold.  (1)* I’m just enough narcissistic that I imagine that everyone wants to know what I am thinking, feeling, and doing.  So I share it in the hopes that someone likes it and validates my narcissism.  (2) Writing has become my thinking-in-the-shower.  Which maybe makes no sense to you, but maybe (just maybe) it does.  In school, all speeches, writing assignments, group project ideas, and all other things were devised in the shower – often times the night before it was absolutely needed.  Something about being alone with my thoughts with the distraction of cleaning my human body helped me hone in on my general thoughts and create gold.  I’m not saying my writing is gold, but writing my stories, ventings, and happenings helps me to cope with them; process them; see other sides of them.

My eyes are up here, thank you very much.

My eyes are up here, thank you very much.

How does my writing process work?

Literally speaking, I absolutely do not sit at work and type out stories while I’m bored.  I do, absolutely, write and write and write and I do not stop for any reason.  Not to edit.  Not to think of where I am going.  Nothing.  I just free-write my story.  After I’m done I go back and re-read it about 5 times (often times editing grammar, adding or removing details or paragraphs) and then write myself a list of pictures to find on the computer or on the internets that will need to be embedded to make my story as visual as possible.

As far as what I write, what usually happens is that I read something or have a conversation with someone that leads to a “oh my gosh I need to write that story” moment.  I then create a new blog post, write a title, save it, and close it.  Sometimes I will go back and write two or three stories at a time and just have them sitting there waiting to be posted.

I do, regularly, take cues from other bloggers.  You should read their blogs.  Mostly because I do, and I imagine everyone likes the things I like.

The Blogger Boyfriend – This blog doesn’t inspire my writing as much as the writer inspires me to share my collegiate experiences.  He’s also the most well dressed straight man I know.

Things My Ex Said – This blog of mini-comics inspired by true stories usually pings my memory of things stupid boys have done to, near, or in regard to me.

Aussa Lorens – Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy – This lady single handedly gave me a renewed love of goats, story prompts, and new blog friends.  Her stories rival some of the most psychologically unsound movies I’ve seen.  With a lot of laughs.

Quirky Chrissy – Once upon a time, I cowrote a blog (under a pseudonym) with Chrissy.  She was the first person to make me love blogging and she’s the reason I got back into it.  And, more importantly, she’s the reason I’m on wordpress.com.  So she wins.

Feel free to check out everyone linked above… all 6 blogs, please.  I wouldn’t link them if I didn’t think they were worthy.


So friends, what is your creative writing process?  Why do you write?  Why do you read what I write?

*If I were saying this in real life, you should know I’d say “one” and hold my hands up as though they were parentheses.  Yep, I write EXACTLY how I speak.

"Joey" Tribbiani

“Joey” Tribbiani


One comment on “Whatcha Know ‘Bout Me?

  1. maurnas
    July 30, 2014

    I think you talk exactly like my favorite aunt. You kind of look like her too. And I love your painting!


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