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Detective Debbie and the Missing Cat

If you follow me on The Twitter (or The Instagram) you probably already know that I’ve acquired a cat.

Loves lasagna, hates Mondays

Loves lasagna, hates Mondays

Tuesday morning when I came back from my morning run, this little cat thing ran out from my building.  I thought nothing of it because outdoor cats just tend to be around from time to time…there’s Mischief the grey cat with white paws, Garfield the orange american short hair, and there are a few others whose names I do not know.

Wednesday evening, my neighbor and I decided to have drinks on the porch.  So we got our drinks and our dogs, sat on her chairs and settled in for a nice night.

Until I looked at the table between our two chairs and saw a cat.

Hai!  I can haz kitteh fwiend?

Hai! I can haz kitteh fwiend?

I put my hand down toward the cat and it rubbed right up against it and then quickly hopped up into my chair and on top of the table for us to pet it.  We fed it some tuna and shrimp and hung out with it for the night while we had cat-related conversation.

Is it a boy or a girl cat?  What should we name it?  Do you think it’s someones pet?  Or an outside feral cat?


Good to know, I guess…

We utilized google to find out that the cat is a boy.  His “genital hole” is round and not a slit and lower than a girl cat’s genital hole.  He has also been neutered.  We named him after liquor and music… kind of: Tito Merlot Licksalot.  Or Sir Licksalot, if you’re so inclined.

When we went to bed, we put towels out by the table and food for him so he could have happy place outside.

Thursday morning, he was still there.

He had breakfast and went on an adventure for the day.  When I went to take Gizmo out before bed, there he was again.  Right outside my door looking at me.  So he came in and I fed him dinner, let him hang out a bit and then put him back outside before bed.

Iz sweepy.

Iz sweepy.

Friday morning, he was still there.

My neighbor fed him and he probably went on a day-adventure after that.  When I got home from work, he was sitting outside of my door meowing at me.  So I let him in, fed him, hung out with him inside and outside while spending time with my neighbors and P-Diddy.

Saturday morning, he was still there.

So I let him in again, let him eat and then put him in a carrier and took him to my dog’s vet.  They scanned him for a microchip and checked to see if he had bugs (like fleas or ticks.)  Bugs: no.  Microchip: YES!


Click to read bigger – EVERY pet should get microchipped and owners should ALWAYS update the info.

I called the company that manufactured his chip, gave them his number and they looked up his registration.  No one ever registered him…

…but they were able to tell me the animal control place to where they had sold that chip.

I called animal control and gave them the chip number and they gave me the name, address and phone numbers for the person who adopted him.


I called both numbers and they are both disconnected.

I then enlisted the help of a friend who is a police officer to do a little stalking and find out when they moved or if they have a forwarding number.

photo 2 (1)

Sunlight makez me sweepiez, too.

The forwarding number is also disconnected.  It also seems that Tito’s family moved to South Carolina in 2010.  So either Tito was given to someone and ran away from them, or Tito has been wandering around from home to home for 4 years.

To me, this means he needs a real home.  A forever home.

So I went to PetCo to get some cheap litter and cheap cat food (apparently tuna has a lot of nitrates and it’s not wonderful for him as a regular food source.)

And now I have a cat.

That I want to give to a good home.

Preferably a friend of mine.

So I can still see Tito… I’m moderately attached.

Nothing screams alcoholic like naming your cat after your favorite liquor...

Nothing screams alcoholic like naming your cat after your favorite liquor…

He’s been in my house (alone; with Gizmo; with me and Gizmo) and he’s an angel.  He spends most of the day laying in the sun or under the bed sleeping.  He cuddles around feeding times and doesn’t meow me awake in the middle of the night.  He has his claws, but he hasn’t destroyed anything (yet…)

The best part about this to me?  I’m feeling better about my luck with stray animals and I find myself less worried about if I’ll ever get to save another puppy.

Have any random stray animal stories?  Are you an animal whisperer?  What IS an animal whisperer anyway??

4 comments on “Detective Debbie and the Missing Cat

  1. Marc-André
    July 22, 2014

    Interesting story 🙂


  2. maurnas
    July 30, 2014

    You’re the Aussa of pet detective-ness!


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