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The Bet: The Shirt

I could have called this post “Seriously, do not make bets with me…ever.”


I should let you know this first: I don’t bet – at least not in the traditional sense.  I’ve worked in athletics for a lot of my professional career in one way or another.  At least one of those positions precluded me from betting on sporting events.  Neither in money nor in kind.  So while I’m always giddy to participate in March Madness and Football Pick’em pools, I tend to shy away from anything with a monetary inclusion.

That doesn’t mean I don’t bet at all.  Since being out of athletics, I’ve participated in a few office pools (and won many of them,) but my wagering bread and butter tends to be based on in kind items.  I’ve “bet” on every Bears/Cowboys game since starting at my last job.  I think I’ve won all but 1 bet on that one.  I’ve gotten bottles of wine, free lunches, massages… winning is nice.

Second thing you should know: On the list of the best things in the world – a list that Jonathan and I created one day and added to over time, playoff hockey is near the very top.  For me.  For us.

So when this year’s playoffs rolled around I found myself eager to make bets on my beloved Blackhawks.  Then the stupid idiot head LA Kings beat them.  Normally this would put me in a position to be a Rangers fan – you know, being a fan of the “original six” and all – but I decided against that.  I decided that if the Kings were going to be good enough to beat the ‘hawks, they damn well better win the whole thing.


You can Fear The Beard, or Fear The Feathers…either way, the Hawks are legit.

This is where the bet story begins.  A guy I am friends with, Zach, is a lifelong Rangers fan.  Prior to the ‘hawks going down, we had planned a Rangers v. Blackhawks bet for each Stanley Cup Final game.  When the Kings became the team to beat, he stupidly thought it was still a good idea to move forward with this betting plan.

Bet #1 was mine to choose.  With a little help from my aforementioned friend, Jonathan, The Shirt plan was hatched.  For game 1, the winner (or rather the person who supported the winning team) got to make a T-shirt for the loser (or the person who supported the losing team) to wear for 2 days whenever out of the house.  Additionally, at least ONE picture had to be posted to The Facebook.

Game 1 happened.  I watched eagerly from a bar while the Kings took home win numero uno.  I paid my tab and hauled ass home to create Zach’s shirt.

Prior to the game I had gone to Walmart to buy white shirts, a new iron, iron letters, and iron on decals.  I was prepared.  Just in case.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

Zach came to my work to acquire his new item of clothing which he would wear proudly before showing it off to all his friends on social media.

Apparently the picture posted to The Facebook got a LOT of likes and a lot of comments.  Probably because of my meticulous ironing, I assume.


All those appliques! Appliques galore! So much happiness!!!

For those of you who don’t follow hockey, the Kings won the Stanley Cup in 5 games… so you’ll be happy to know there are 4 more bets that were wagered and won/lost.

I’ll link the rest of the posts about the other bets when they’re completed.

All of them.

Even the one I lost… because I’m fair like that.

The Bet: Speed Dating.

What’s the most fun/interesting thing you’ve ever won through a bet?  What’s the worst thing you’ve lost due to a bet?

**Names and faces may have been altered…

2 comments on “The Bet: The Shirt

  1. Sandra
    July 3, 2014

    We have harness races here in Sacramento. The first and only time I bet, my horse won! I think it was only like $20 but still. The thrill of the win! Nice t-shirts, BTW 😉


  2. maurnas
    July 11, 2014

    You did a great job on that shirt! I cant wait to hear the rest of them. I only have one bet. About which sibling is going to die first. For $1.


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