…More Than Sweet Potatoes

…My Kind of Razzmatazz (Part 2)

For the first two days of my trip to Chicago, please click here.

Saturday morning was a little rough.

Friday, after my Best Friend Birth-Date party with Erin, I got a cab back to my sisters to find my brother-in-law still awake, on the couch, playing a video game.  It was 2:30am.  While the cat’s away the mouse will play.  So I hung out with him, ate some Whole Foods snacks I had purchased, and we talked until 3:30am when we both realized we were falling asleep downstairs.  We went to our respective beds.

At the bright and shiny hour of 8:30 I woke up in order to get packed up and ready for the second leg of my weekend.  I met my college roommate, Jason, and his girlfriend for brunch with Erin in tow.  We went to The Bongo Room which has the most amazing deconstructed lobster roll benedict.  Seriously.  EAT THIS.  We proceeded to have the most immature conversation about the order of preference for bodily fluids that you would least like to have purposefully put on you.  Think of a bodily fluid…. did you do it?  Good, we ranked that bodily fluid.  It was hilarious and gross as hell.  And that is why Jason and I did so well living together.  And that is why Erin and I are best friends.  And that is why I like his girlfriend.

Then I got in the car, dropped off Erin, and headed to the ‘burbs

2.4 decades worth of living in the suburbs made this drive an exercise in nostalgia.  I drove by my former Hebrew school.  I drove by where they have strawberry fest, and chocolate fest, and every fest ever.  I drove by my high school – which is being renovated.  I drove by the only Chuck E Cheese I’ve ever entered.  I drove by the scene of my first date (which was in 6th grade.)

Then I went to visit my dead dog

Remember this post about how August 1st is the worst day?  Well I decided going to visit Patches while I was home would sort of “make up” for all the times I’ve missed out on seeing him.  Eight years after he died I sat down and felt tears slowly trickle down my cheek.  I hadn’t expected to be so emotional about it still.  Truthfully though, I’m really glad that I was.


Then I did a full 180 and went from crying over my dead dog to driving off to a wedding!  I arrived at the hotel with two bottles of wine (twist/screw top because it’s not my first rodeo and no one ever has a corkscrew).  Us ladies got dressed and ready together – as girls are typically known to do – and headed off to watch our friends get married.

Ashley and Will got married at the same place my sister and brother-in-law did – a beautiful golf course/country club in the ‘burbs.  Ash and Will did theirs outside by the Gazebo… which was really good in case it decided to storm.


Which it did.  All of a sudden the temperature dropped about 20 degrees, the wind kicked up and a light drizzle formed.  A huge black cloud swung our way and opened up to a full storm.  The wedding party and about 1/3 of the guests squeezed into the gazebo while the rest of us huddled under the overhang of the clubhouse straining to hear if our friends were in fact married yet.

Post-nuptials, they walked back up to the club house sharing an umbrella and the entire crowd clapped and cheered.  The couple seemed surprisingly unaffected by the weather.  It was eerily comforting.

After the fact, I found out that two tornadoes were spotted about 30 minutes away from the site of the wedding.  Welcome to Chicago-land weather.

We reception was nice.  I was sat at the rowdy table.  Or maybe the table was rowdy because I was sat at it?  We tapped our glasses non-stop; whooped and hollered at every picture in the slide show, every speech, and every kiss.  I made friends with the bartender (because I take care of those who take care of me) and drank a metric ton of Moscow Mules (thanks to Valerie for the drink suggestion.)


The next morning I got up at sunrise (basically,) packed my stuff back up and headed up to see my brother and his family.

We had breakfast while the kids filled me in our their lives and my brother, his wife, and I discussed our future plans.  Then we all went bowling.  I’ll have you know, my 7 year old nephew may be a better bowler than most people I know.  We bowled 2.5 games (as a group of 6, it took a while) and took 80 gazillion pictures/selfies (thanks largely in part to my 14 year old niece.)  Then I had to get back to the city so I could return the car, get a ride to the airport and fly home.


I have no idea what we’re doing other than being silly in this blurry picture.

I ended up having more time than originally planned due to an error in judgement on my part.  So I used it to my advantage.

I scooped Erin up again (I really did spend a ton of time with her…but, ya know, best friends…so it’s never enough time) and we met some of the best couples for late lunch/drinks.  We went to Lula Cafe.  They have the weirdest inflatable art on the walls, but they have delicious drinks and yummy sammiches.

I then returned the car to my brother-in-law, made sure I had everything (including my yummy grain-free things from Whole Foods) and used Uber for the first time.  In a quick 7 minutes, a nice man in a black car scooped me up and took me to the airport.

I informed the nice driver dude that I was new to Uber and had no idea what I was doing or how to pay/tip him.  He gave me a coupon for $20 off my first Uber ride – which I figured out how to enter, against all odds – and took me to my flight.  The car was nice and clean.  The driver did NOT try to talk to me while I was in the car which was perfect.  When I got out, he completed my transaction via interwebs connections and that was the end of that!

OneChicklette (which, by the way, you should read her blog and follow her on twitter) warned me of the horror stories of using Uber, but I found it to be nice, cheap and effective.  I’ll never use it again because it doesn’t exist near me, but I had a good single experience.

And that is where my Chicago trip ends.

I came home to a VERY happy-to-see-me puppy face and plenty to do around the house: laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cooking, DVR watching.

But each time I roam, Chicago is calling me home…
See you in October!

5 comments on “…My Kind of Razzmatazz (Part 2)

  1. Erin
    June 30, 2014

    You forgot about the Frosties.


  2. Deborah Ilene
    July 1, 2014

    I’d never forget. I mean, we trekked all the way to new-age Wendy’s for them. 🙂


  3. V
    July 10, 2014

    A metric ton of Moscow Mules followed by one perfectly timed tequila shot.

    Thank you.


    • Deborah Ilene
      July 10, 2014

      No no no… Thank you.

      And for the record, they were two glasses of tequila on the rocks… because apparently they can’t give shots…?


  4. maurnas
    July 11, 2014

    I’m so glad you had such a good time back home.


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