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Dating and relationship tips that may be total bullshit

Today’s post was graciously written by Jackie from Listening, Following Through and Other Things I Do Poorly

Enjoy. Love. Show her how welcoming you guys can be!!!

This should probably be titled: Something I do worse than poorly and have no place commenting on… But I am going with: Dating and relationship tips that may be total bullshit:

1) Any time you have to ask “so, what exactly are we”, “where is this going” or “what am I to you”….don’t bother…the answer is: what you are is not that important to him and even if you’re a little bit important you’re not girlfriend material. FACT: Men ARE capable of asking you to be their girlfriend and if they want you to be they will.
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2) If you’re his girlfriend and he is not your boyfriend online…fuck that. There are many benefits to technology…. technologies impact on relationships would not be one. Relationships move faster, we compare ourselves to our online “friends” and we do shitty things with less hesitation. It is not abnormal to want to share you’re new blissfully happy, honeymoon phase bullshit with all your friends and followers… if this is a BIG “negative Ghostrider the pattern is full”….he is an asshole and you should probably find a guy who isn’t a dick.


*if he acknowledged his ex BUT will not acknowledge you…double dick points for this douche.

3) Us and we… not me. New couples can be as annoying as newlyweds… If you’re not an Us… You are a YOU and he is a He. Making plans for the future falls into this category. People need something to look forward to. If you’re blissfully happy why wouldn’t you talk about the future? Dreams? Goals? I can tell you why…you don’t fucking have one, next.


4) I wish all my exs lived in Texas…. But since I am not that lucky and neither are you…They should at least live in the past. A dumpee ex will do just about anything to get attention and/or belittle your new girl. It is your ex and your problem. Misbehavior and disrespect should not be tolerated, period the end. Every time you allow your new girl to be treated with anything less than respect, every time you reply to your ex…you indirectly disrespect your new girl and reinforce not only your ex’s behavior but any doubts your new girl might have.


5) Stop calling us crazy, psycho, drama… JUST STOP… If someone says something you don’t like that does not make it “drama”…if a female looks through your phone it does not make her crazy. These might be an indicator that you’re being a baby and act suspicious. Here is my observation over the years….the coolest girls I know who are now in happy loving relationships were once called “crazy bitch” by exs (the females I am thinking of I have known for YEARS). Let me explain one thing…the exs who called them psycho, stalker, crazy, jealous… treated them like shit, cheated and mentally abused them. When YOU call a women crazy if you’re lying to her, cheating and/or being an emotional terrorist…YOU are making her crazy, YOU!! Your victim obviously cares or you wouldn’t get crazy…you would get “whatevs”. So, stop being an abuser and start being a goddamn man. Leave her alone.

*Turns out the jokes on you…Know who these women end up with? The women you called “crazy bitch”…amazing, loving, hot, good men…and I must tell you I have been to several beautiful weddings…They did MUCH better than you.


“I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed.”

There is enough heartbreak in the world without us unnecessarily and purposefully hurting each other.


2 comments on “Dating and relationship tips that may be total bullshit

  1. maurnas
    June 29, 2014

    I could not agree with you more. Except for going through someone’s phone. I am the least suspicious person in the world. If you make me think you are cheating, you are either cheating or want me to think you are. Either way, I’m out. I don’t need to go through a phone.


    • Deborah Ilene
      June 30, 2014

      Jackie did a wonderful job with this post. I’m the same way with cheating. Or anything, really. If something feels wrong, it’s probably wrong.


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