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Hospital Diaries: You’ve Got Some Gall…

This is a story about trusting a doctor who you don’t know very well…


Seems legit…

I’ll have you know I just wrote 700 words as a “part one” of sorts for this story…then decided it’s too medical and self-serving.  As you know, I rarely shy away from being self-serving, but even I got bored re-reading it…so I am skipping it.  Instead, I’ve bullet pointed part one for you here:

  • Visit Dianne in Nashville, have stomach pain, wait it out, it goes away
  • 2 months later start getting same pains regularly
  • One day have pain so bad that nothing makes it go away
  • Mom makes me go to the doctor who sends me to get testing at the ER

I don’t want to bullet this point because I liked this part:

When we got to the hospital for testing, the doctor was still on the phone with the receptionist giving her my orders.  I was going to get a CT scan (with contrast dye) of my entire GI tract.  This meant I had the benefit of drinking 2 Naked-Juice-sized bottles of Barium Suspension.


At this point it’d be beneficial to know that I have issues with food and drink consistencies.  I gag when something is that weird consistency where I can’t tell if I am supposed to chew or not.  Examples: ricotta cheese, slightly melted milk shakes, chopped liver.  So I had my work cut out for me…

So I did the test and the results were faxed to my doctor who called me (and my parents) on the office phone in the waiting area of the hospital.

Dr. Shah: I have your results

Me: Okay.  What’s wrong with me?

Dr. Shah: Honestly, I’m not sure.  Nothing is standing out. [surprise, I’m an anomaly AGAIN]

Me: Weird

Dr. Shah: It really is.  However, something is wrong.  And you said it’s been going on for 2 months at least.  So I want to do more tests.  I’m admitting you immediately.

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat

Who doesn’t want their doctor making this expression…

Immediately?  Immediately??!!  What could be so wrong with me that it necessitates immediate admittance but won’t show up for sure on a scan?

A few minutes later I was admitted and kept under surveillance for the next three days.  I had ultrasounds, MRIs, an endoscopy, more CT scans, x-rays, so so SO much blood taken… and finally a GI doctor that my general doctor recommended came to see me on day 3.

They still didn’t know what was wrong, but they had decided to take out my gall bladder because they *thought* that was the problem.  They *thought* I had gall stones.

For a second, let’s talk about gall stones and their causes: high fat diet (nope,) woman over the age of 65 (negative,) people who are overweight (mildly, as in I was probably 155 when I should have been 145,) and genetics (nope…not there either.)  So they wanted to take out my gall bladder…make sense.  Cool.


This woman has the risk factors… I did not.

So on day 4 of being hospitalized, a few hours of surgery, four sweet laproscopic incisions in my torso, and about $76,000 later, I had one less organ in my human body.

After my follow up 2 weeks later they confirmed that I did have gall stones and that removing my gall bladder was the right call.  But damn if I didn’t have to put a lot of faith in something called a “practice” to find that out.

Laparoscopy surgery

Those devices look like robot arms. Very KEWL.

Have you ever had to blindly trust someone?  Ever been a medical anomaly?  Ever had a doctor be totally wrong???  Tell me about it.  It may be the only thing that makes this post interesting.  🙂


2 comments on “Hospital Diaries: You’ve Got Some Gall…

  1. maurnas
    June 16, 2014

    Let’s just cut you open and see what happens.

    One of my heart surgeries was “academic exploration.” Fun stuff.

    And I have the same issue with food textures. One of the worst parts about my MRIs before the heart surgeries was the warm pudding I had to eat. Ugh. Just thinking about it is nauseating.


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