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29 Before 29: FINAL UPDATE

Once upon a time I was bored with my life and annoyed by everything.  Then I had this brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) to make a list of things to do; 29 of them; in a short amount of time.  I gave myself 29 days to do 29 things.  Some of them I had done before and wanted to do them again.  Some of them were brand new.

Unless you’re new here, you’ve read about this here, here, and here. Well, faithful readers, I have news for you: I did it!  I finished the list.  So below is the list.  Unlike the previous updates, I am not crossing off the things I’ve completed because, as I said, it’s all done.  

1 Chop Hair Off (and donate it)
2 Go To Trivia with JG
3 Jump in fountain next to 401 Grille on Las Olas
4 Eat a taco and drink a margarita for Cinco de Mayo
5 Hold Crow Pose (Yoga)
6 Karaoke
7 Call and Talk to friends with whom I suck at keeping in touch
8 Watch the sunrise (on the east coast)
9 Watch the sunset (on the west coast… of Florida)
10 Introduce Gizmo (my dog) to Edison (P-diddy’s dog)
11 Paint a picture
12 Eat somewhere new
13 Go to a museum
14 Go stargazing
15 Learn a new word
16 Choose a new signature drink
17 Learn a new song on the piano
18 Go Bowling
19 With Laura, figure out Erin’s birthday present
20 Go Parasailing
21 Go on a date
22 Dance like no one is watching (probably because they’re not)
23 Go fishing
24 Go to a movie alone
25 Go to happy hour
26 Order something off a “secret menu”
27 Meet a new friend in person
28 See Lake Okeechobee
29 Hold a non-domesticated animal

Here are some of the pictures of the last few things I needed to complete on the list:

#23 (Go fishing): Rob (my neighbor) took me fishing in the pond in our backyard.  Disclaimer: I do not like fishing.  I don’t find it peaceful or relaxing…mostly because I do not want to touch worms, or fish…ever.  So I caught this little guy and then Rob unhooked him and threw him back for me.

photo 1 (1)

Except for Rob’s hand in the picture, I look like I’m not freaking out…right?

#3 (Jump into the fountain next to 401 Grille): This had to be amended a bit…  The day that I had planned to do this, there was a street fair of some sort.  There were police officers and I wasn’t certain about the legality of jumping into a fountain… so we went down the road to another fountain which I went in.  It had NOTHING on the fountain runs we did in college, but it was fun!

Secondary fountain location - but it worked!

Secondary fountain location – but it worked!

#5 (Hold crow pose): Oh Yoga.  Sometimes I love you.  Sometimes I hate you.  I’ve written an open letter to you before… but for my 29 before 29 I decided I needed to get into Crow pose and hold it (long enough for a picture.)  My form needs some work…and my shoulders are weak as fuck, but thanks to Priscilla’s educational tutorial and amazingly quick shutter skillz (with a z,) I now have photographic proof that I can do it.

photo 2 (1)

I’m really bendy…

#20 (Go Parasailing): I went by myself.  Everyone on the boat was there with someone.  Except me.  The guy in charge told me I couldn’t fly alone because I am too little and I’d fly away.  I mean, sweet compliment, but entirely untrue…  Either way I had to fly with a stranger who was actually a very nice girl from Oklahoma.  I made what could have been the dumbest decision ever and brought my phone up with me… but I didn’t drop it, so I HAVE AWESOME PICTURES FROM FLYING IN THE AIR ON A 1,000ft CABLE.

photo (2)

I FLEW through the AIR!


Now that that’s all over, I guess I have to go back to being bored and annoyed.  I’ll need to go out on more dates so I have more hilarious stories for you guys… comment below for consideration for a date… and also just about whatever.

3 comments on “29 Before 29: FINAL UPDATE

  1. runningonsober
    June 5, 2014

    You rockstar.
    Congrats on finishing everything!
    Brave girl for taking your phone up with you. But worth it! Awesome shot!


    • Deborah Ilene
      June 6, 2014

      Thank you. I figured that the worst that could happen is that I’d drop it…so I’d have to get a new phone.

      I backed everything up that morning just in case!


  2. maurnas
    June 11, 2014



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