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29 before 29: Update 2

You probably have read by now (or saw on my facebook or twitter pages) about the “29 before 29” list.  It is a list of items I decided I’d like to accomplish before I turn 29.  Many of the items on the list have been done previously.  Some of the items are brand new for me.  It’s not a bucket list.  It’s not an attempt to get me out of the house – I do that enough on my own.  It was started as a way to remind myself that my PRESENT is just as fun as my past has been.  A little bit back I had one of those weekends that makes you reminisce and wish that you currently had the life that you previously inhabited.  It made me feel sad for my present and my future.

So I decided to say EFF YOU to my emo self and make my present more fun!

The original post about the 29 before 29 can be found here.  The first update can be found here.  The second update can be found right where you are right now: this post.

Obviously, the items that are crossed off have been completed.

1 Chop Hair Off (and donate it)
2 Go To Trivia with JG
3 Jump in fountain next to 401 Grille on Las Olas
4 Eat a taco and drink a margarita for Cinco de Mayo
5 Hold Crow Pose (Yoga)
6 Karaoke
7 Call and Talk to friends with whom I suck at keeping in touch
8 Watch the sunrise (on the east coast)
9 Watch the sunset (on the west coast… of Florida)
10 Introduce Gizmo (my dog) to Edison (P-diddy’s dog)
11 Paint a picture
12 Eat somewhere new
13 Go to a museum
14 Go stargazing
15 Learn a new word
16 Choose a new signature drink
17 Learn a new song on the piano
18 Go Bowling
19 With Laura, figure out Erin’s birthday present
20 Go Parasailing
21 Go on a date
22 Dance like no one is watching (probably because they’re not)
23 Go fishing
24 Go to a movie alone
25 Go to happy hour
26 Order something off a “secret menu”
27 Meet a new friend in person
28 See Lake Okeechobee
29 Hold a non-domesticated animal

So here are some details of the things I’ve done since Update 1:

#25 (Go to Happy Hour): Jess and I wore our cats-in-outer-space pants and some cat t-shirts and called our outing “Happy Meower.”  We had a good couple of hours drinking wine and talking about mutual friends and sharing stories.

photo 3

It’s okay to be jealous of my outfit.

#6 (Karaoke): Unbeknownst to us at Happy Meower, there was going to be karaoke that night.  I signed up and sang “You and I” by Lady Gaga.  I have no idea how well it went.  I honestly, don’t care… I’m sure it was a spectacle. Are you not entertained?!

#21 (Go on a date): I actually went on more than one.  Both of them were technical dates in that I went to eat with a boy who paid for my food and we like each other.  I think.  I’ve defined “Date” before, so I used that definition to claim these as dates.

#8 (Watch the sunrise): Jackie and I met up last Wednesday morning to have coffee and sit on the beach to watch the sunrise.  We did it in reverse (got coffee after the sunrise) but it was amazing.  I live 3 miles from the actual coast of the USA and somehow I’d never seen the sunrise before.


Watching the sunrise

#9 (Watch the sunset): I took a day trip over to Naples to watch the sunset on the west coast of Florida.  After recovering from the night before, I scooped up J and we went over there.  We had a whole day of trains (see below,) food, and attempts at shopping before settling in chairs on the beach to watch the sunset.  I’d seen this sight before, but it was so peaceful and RED.  Totally worth it.

photo 5

We also listened to music which lead to this: “SUN DOWN FOR WHAT?!?!”

#10 (Introduce Gizmo to Edison): Wednesday evening I met up with my friends at Funky Buddha for some beers and to introduce Gizmo to his new bff, Edison.  Edison was excited and interested in the newness of Gizmo, but Gizmo was having none of it.  He’s kind of a dick.  He did, however, get a little tipsy on their Blood Orange IPA.  We’ll try again in the future.  Priscilla and I also forgot to take a picture of us with our new haircuts and dogs because we’re forgetful sometimez.

photo (1)

#11 (Paint a picture)

#13 (Go to a museum): On Saturday, in Naples, we went to the Naples Depot Museum.  The intent was to go on this little train ride that they have, but it stopped before we got to it.  We should have looked at the timing… our bad.  But we did see some bad ass train stuff.  Trains are freaking cool, you guys.

photo 4

This train was a lounge car. In awesome condition. We went inside.

photo 2

#18 (Go Bowling): Lest you think that was going for the gutter, it was not. I bowl weird. My balls curve right.

Lastly, and most certainly not least(ly), I did #22 (Dance as though no one is watching.)  I was in a weird mood one day last week…I don’t remember which day.  After doing all the things I normally do in the morning (eat, run, walk dog, get ready to try to take over the world, blah blah blah) I put my headphones in and turned on Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes” and cranked the volume up to hurts-your-ears-but-who-cares level and went to town.  I danced and jumped around so much that I may have scared my downstairs neighbor.  I also danced it out so good that my mood was gone and happiness was back.

Items I have left to do by the 4th:

Hold Crow Pose; jump in the 401 Grille fountain; Go fishing; Go Parasailing; Go stargazing; Go to a movie alone; Finish up catching up with friends (which you’re never ACTUALLY finished with.)

Wish me luck

I have 8 days…and only 7 items…doable, right?!




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