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29 Before 29: Update 1

Remember when I started a list of 29 things I’d like to do before I turn 29?  Well I figured you could use an update.  Since I only gave myself 29 days in which to do these things, I have to kind of force them in…


So without further ado… here’s the list (the items that are crossed off are complete…obviously.)

1 Chop Hair Off (and donate it)
2 Go To Trivia with JG
3 Jump in fountain next to 401 Grille on Las Olas
4 Eat a taco and drink a margarita for Cinco de Mayo
5 Hold Crow Pose (Yoga)
6 Karaoke
7 Call and Talk to friends with whom I suck at keeping in touch
8 Watch the sunrise (on the east coast)
9 Watch the sunset (on the west coast… of Florida)
10 Introduce Gizmo (my dog) to Edison (P-diddy’s dog)
11 Paint a picture
12 Eat somewhere new
13 Go to a museum
14 Go stargazing
15 Learn a new word
16 Choose a new signature drink
17 Learn a new song on the piano
18 Go Bowling
19 With Laura, figure out Erin’s birthday present
20 Go Parasailing
21 Go on a date
22 Dance like no one is watching (probably because they’re not)
23 Go fishing
24 Go to a movie alone
25 Go to happy hour
26 Order something off a “secret menu”
27 Meet a new friend in person
28 See Lake Okeechobee
29 Hold a non-domesticated animal

So since I last wrote about the list, I’ve completed the following tasks:

photo 1

#1 (Cut and Donate hair) – Before and After. I needed wine due to the anxiety…

#19 (Figure out Erin’s birthday present)

photo 4

#27 (Meet a new friend in person)   Say Hello to Maurna!

photo 3

#28 (See Lake Okeechobee) – Standing on a rock in the lake

photo 2

#29 (Hold a non-domesticated animal)

So I have 16 left to go.  Watching the sunrise (Coffee and sunrise with Jackie) and the sunset (Naples day trip on Saturday) should be done in the next week as well as going to a museum.  Gizmo and Edison will meet Wednesday and I’m going bowling on Thursday.  I’ll update you again soon!  Any suggestions of even more fun ways to get some of these done before June 4th, leave them in the comments below.

Also, please check out the blog of my new friend, Maurna, Cursitivity.  She’s wonderful and delightful and assured me she is not a murderer or serial killer (which is apparently a good possibility since we’re in Florida.)


3 comments on “29 Before 29: Update 1

  1. Max Miller
    May 19, 2014

    21, 22, 24, and 25 are pretty easy and you can do them in one or two days…HURRY!


    • Deborah Ilene
      May 20, 2014

      I guess technically #21 is done. I’ll do #22 this week, for sure. #24 and #25 will both be done by next weekend. Guaranteed. I’ll get this done in time. I think the hardest one will be parasailing… The weekend before my birthday may be filled with a ton of shenanigans.


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