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How to [in]Correctly Enjoy a Kickball Tournament

If you’ve never played kickball…then I opine that you had a weird childhood.  It’s the kids game that plays very much like baseball except that you do not use a bat and a baseball but rather your feet and a big red ball (or in the case of different leagues, a yellow or orange ball.)

It's also the end of my liver...

It’s also the end of my liver…

If you’ve never played kickball as an adult though, you’re absolutely missing out.  In addition to it being a LOT of fun and a moderate amount of activity, it also can be a complete hashtagshitshow and foster a lot of new friendships.

You may recall from the Frat House post that Kickball is the reason I have super cool friends in Atlanta.

This past weekend was South Florida Kickball Open 2014 (or #SFKO2014, for those of your trying to play along on twitter, which makes no sense since this is a blog post…)  27 teams from across the nation (only 12 of which were from the state of Florida) came down and partied, played and partied.  Oops, did I say partied twice?  Oh right, well that was on purpose.

This is from Friday night, but it's a picture within a picture...Awesome

This is from Friday night, but it’s a picture within a picture…Awesome

Things that I did this weekend include, but are in no way limited to, the following:

I allowed Karen to get me drunk on Friday night at the Meet and Greet on Fireball shots.

That devil on the front is legit…

I acquired a new wine glass (I asked and was told that yes, I could keep it, so it’s not stealing.

I drank a 40 for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

40s can’t even be bought in Florida – Karen and Cassie brought them for me!

I carried, rolled and relocated between 3 and 6 coolers every hour or so.

I helped make and consume the yummiest blended frozen lemonades (courtesy of my bff, Priscilla).

I played kickball.

My team for SFKO2014 – Honey Badgers

I watched more kickball (once my team was eliminated.)

I got lost at the after party on Saturday night.

I traded my t-shirt and shorts with others at the bar on Sunday.

I took two 2-4 hour naps.

I possibly didn’t pay for my dinner or drinks on Sunday (but I think I did according to my chase account online.)

I attempted to pass out on the sidewalk outside of my apartment.

I had about 25 more steps to get to my bed…

I signed up to play in the girls tournament in Atlanta in a month.

I became the “Beezus” of parallel parking.

I mean, I didn’t NEARLY get married or lose my wallet/keys/phone (both done by McNugget in past SFKO years) but it’s not bad for a bender of a weekend.  So, apparently I still got it.

McNugget - I have so much to learn still...

McNugget – I have so much to learn still…

And unlike past posts, I didn’t need my sister’s ID or drinking games to make it through moderately unscathed…



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