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Ultimate Flip Cup – When Your Normal Alcoholic Game Gets Boring

I’d like to assume everyone know what Flip Cup is.  You may call it something different – flippy cup, cup flip, flip and rally – but the idea is the same.  It’s an unsanitary binge-drinking game involving teams, chugging, cup flipping, and a table covered in asbestos and lead paint.  Probably.

Some people take this game very seriously.  Some people use it – correctly – as a way to get drunk in a short amount of time for relatively cheap.
Taking it TOO seriously – but actually taking it the right amount
of serious because I want that shirt.
And to be on that team…
Not to tarnish (read: enhance) my reputation as a alcoholic pugilist with the moral compass of a magnet, but I’ve played more than my fair share of Flip Cup and have even acquired a reputation for being a one-and-done flipper.  I’ve been a skilled player of the game since I was a sophomore in college, so 18ish.  Sorry Mom.  The up side: I’m decently good at chugging and flipping.  The down side: the game gets stale.  Boring.  Redundant.
Reputation – Solidified (because it’s
on the blog, so you know it’s real)
Kickball has brought this game back into my life in a big way and while I rarely go out and rarely play anymore, it IS how I learned that there are FAR BETTER ways to play Flip Cup.  Allow me to share some better rules that I’ve learned along the way:

Spin and Flip – Chug your beer, spin in a circle, flip the cup (then the next person goes)

Jumping Jack Flip – Chug your beer, jump up with your arms and legs outstretched, crouch and touch the floor, flip the cup (then the next person…)

Moosehead Cup – Chug your beer, give yourself moose antlers, shout “moosehead”, flip the cup (then the next…)

Shirt Turn Flip – Chug your beer, turn your shirt around so the back is in the frong, flip the cup (then the…)

Running Relay Flip – See photo for clarification – You start normally, drink your beer, then grab your cup and run to the end of the line of people on your team, flip the cup from the last position (then the next person goes who is NOW in the first position at the table.)

The colors show where you go – you always follow the person before you

Under Table Flip –  Chug your beer, take your cup with you and go under the table to the opposite side, flip your cup (then … you get it by now, right?)

Non-Dominant Flip – Put your dominant hand behind your back, chug your beer, flip the cup all with your non-dominant hand

Shirt Swap Flip – This is for those of you comfortable with partial nudity – Chug your beer, switch shirts with the person in front of you in the relay (or for the first person, with the last person on the team) and then flip your cup.  At the end, the team who finishes first will all be wearing their correct shirt at the end.

Blind Flip Cup – Chug your beer, close your eyes, try to set and flip your cup with your eyes closed.  Your team should put the cup in your hands if it doesn’t land flat.  They should also let you know if you flipped it well or not.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to make this game more exciting.  Heck, you can play it jumping up and down on one leg.  Get creative with it, man!

I hope I just helped plan your weekend.

See you here… probably



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