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I’m Not Even Watching It This Season (Why Do I Feel Like I Am!?)

So The Bachelor is back (squeeeee?)

I only know this because people won’t shut up about it.  Fun fact: Castle is back, NCIS is back and Law and Order: SVU is back.  You know why you may not have known this?  Because people won’t shut up about The Bachelor.

You may recall that I watched (and live-blogged) the last season of Shirtless Sean The Bachelor.  Sometimes it was easy to write and it was fun to make fun of the people.  Other times I felt like I was pulling teeth to blog about a TV show.  I’ve never been able to blog about TV shows.  I also don’t “discuss” my favorite shows with my friends.  I’m just not that person.  Sometimes I wish I were because so many cool people are, but I’m just not.  For clarification purposes I’d like to point out that I am envious of those people.  I’m not throwing a dig at those people.

Exception: Jeopardy! I can talk Jeopardy! forever.  However, I DVR the game show for watching at a later time – sometimes in binge format – so I’m rarely up to speed on the current episodes or champions.  As it is, I just started watching Jerry Slowick – the uber genius who went to my high school and reportedly got a perfect score on the SAT (a test that isn’t even offered at our school.  You have to seek it out and sign up yourself…)

I’m not knocking The Bachelor itself – the show is specifically set up to foster this kind of obsessive following.  I’m not even knocking the watcher.  I have a bunch of friends who watch it and have watch parties and such.

I just didn’t know that my choice to not watch it was going to be completely negated by all the media coverage of it (and by media I mean my flooded The Facebook and The Twitter feeds as well as my bing.com homepage) and forced upon me anyway.

Keep doing what you do, Bachelor bloggers (I was you once, too.)  Keep posting what you post, The Facebook friends.  Keep tweeting your tweets, The Twitter followees.  Just know somewhere deep inside of me I’m working very hard to withhold the need to reply/comment something about that day’s Jeopardy! episode or how hot Det. Elliott Stabler is and how I wish he was still on SVU.

I don’t promise to censor myself all the time though, so you’ll excuse me if you get a random picture of Mark Harmon from me one day…


I mean… SWOON
Like.  Seriously.


2 comments on “I’m Not Even Watching It This Season (Why Do I Feel Like I Am!?)

  1. Ben C
    January 9, 2014

    Wait. Stabler's not on SVU anymore? Wow, I haven't watched in a while.


  2. Erin Jackson
    January 20, 2014

    You use bing.com?


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