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My Weekend in Review: Coastline, Contraband and Catching Up

Proof that I am a true Gemini – My weekend:
Day 1: Due to overcast weather conditions and nearly constant rain, I stayed inside and watched my shows on the DVR.  I also took a nap.  Not that I needed it.  I was not out late the night before and consequently got plenty of sleep…

Day 2: Brunch and then Coastline Festival.  12 bands, 2 stages, craft beers… basically partied my face off from 3:00ish til 11:30ish.

At the risk of making this blog boring (or more boring…), I’ll quickly skim over the great (and some not so great) things I watched on Saturday:  CastleNCISNewGirlBrooklyn99GreysAnatomyScandalJimmyFallonGettingHisEarPiercedByHarrisonFordPearlJamWeek

**Jimmy Fallon’s ear piercing is in italics because it was the highlight of my television watching experience.  He, by the way, took it out when he got home.  If Harrison Ford pierced my ear, I would never ever EVER take it out.  EVER.

On to the Coastline review:
It was sufficiently busy with people and didn’t look empty, but the pit tickets I had gave me plenty of room to dance my face off without hitting people.  Plus, I had PIT TICKETS so I was 2 rows of bodies away from the stage at all times.  It was quite nice.  Really freaking nice, actually.  They were only expecting 6,000 to 8,000 attendees but ended up with close to 10,000.  That said, the craft beer tents ran out of crafts beers at an alarming rate.  I assume they had based their quantities on the 6-8k rather than the 10k attendees.  The beer I had was delicious.  Food trucks had crazy long lines and ran out of food by about 8pm but I suppose, when you’re there since noon, 8pm is respectable.  I had the best ice cream I’d ever had EVER from Big Kahuna’s Ice Cream truck.  They are now following me on twitter.  Seriously, go to that food truck.  The vanilla soft serve was fucking HEAVEN.

Let’s talk music, shall we?? I was expecting Capital Cities and Passion Pit to be the best performances.  I was RAGINGLY wrong.  I missed most of Capital Cities, but the reviews I got from the people we met up with were mediocre saying that Safe and Sound was the best song they played.  Two Door Cinema club was a fun show to watch.  BUT Matt and Kim were mind blowing.  Mind.  Blowing.  And Fitz and the Tantrums were perfection.  PHENOMENAL.  The chemistry between Matt and Kim and between Fitz’s singers is electric.  They were the kind of performances that force you to smile and stare.  If you ever have a chance to see either band, do NOT let it slip away.  I promise you will thank me later.  Both knock it out of the park live.

Additionally, not that I would ever do something like sneak things into a venue, ever… but if you are contemplating doing so, I suggest a baggy shirt and/or sweater to tie around your waist so that when you put cans of soda in the waist band of your jorts (jean shorts, for those not up on the lingo,) it doesn’t look weird or bulky…just sort of like you have a serious FUPA.  Also, please feel free to utilize the bra as a place to store contraband items.  Again, I would never ever do this, but sometimes you just want to bring your camera into a concert, okay?!



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