…More Than Sweet Potatoes

Social Media Series: Twitter

Ahhh The Twitter.  My second love.  Many of you got to this blog via the twittersphere, so I’m certain you all know what The Twitter is.  In case you do not have previous knowledge of it, it’s a platform to post status updates, thoughts, pictures, links, really ANYTHING in 140 characters or less.  While each user can choose their Twitter name and their display name – thus making it often not easy to know WHO is actually tweeting – there is a little profile with photo, bio and location if the user chooses to fill you in on this information.  In The Twitter world, you can follow (and BE followed!) by common folk and celebrities alike!  I’m personally still waiting for @jennyandteets and @aaronfullerton to just follow me already…they both already “favorite” and “retweet” my tweets regularly.  The velvet rope behind which celebrities live their lives disappears on The Twitter and Kanye may reply to Joe Schmo about his new single, or whatever.  Though I can’t imagine anything less exciting than Kanye tweeting about how the greatest rap lyric of all time is on his new album…

* No annoying vacation/food/baby pictures (unless you click a link within a tweet)
* Connection (though superficially) to a plethora of people from all walks of life
* Hashtags have a purpose (unlike on facebook) where you can click the hashtag to see all of the tweets that have included that hashtag.  This is exceptionally fun when @jimmyfallon and @latenightjimmy do “Late Night Hashtags.”  Trust me on this.  It’s alllllllways funny.

* 140 character limits sometimes hinder what you had wanted to say.  It also fosters shorthand and poor grammar.
* It falsly leads you to believe that people may care about what you have to say.  This is the case for people like Justin Beiber (or Bieber… I don’t know OR care) who tweets gems like “mmm mmmm mmm.”

Bottom Line: If you’re not tweeting, I don’t understand what it is for which you are waiting.  That was annoyingly grammatical on purpose, by the way. Get to The Twitter and tweet me something grand!
Rating: Many sweet potatoes.  because YUM!


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